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long_gone First Entry - Subscribe

~x~Right now~x~

the clock says: 4:28 p.m.
the threads are: jeans and a button down shirt
my emo is:frustrated
i'm blabbing to:nobody, my baby is off
the cd players singing:nothing at the moment
random thought of the day: God! our fair sucks!

Hi everybody this is my first entry so i wanna tell ya some stuff about me. Let's see... I am a 16 year old sophmore in a boring tiny town. My religion of choice is what I like to call "ecclectic Wiccan." This simply means that I chose my own path but it is similar to that of the Wiccan path. I have an extreme dislike of any and all types of prejudice, and will not take part it in myself. What else... if you can't tell yet I am talkative, random, and on occasion very opinionated. Hopefully this blog will not only be a way for me to let some things go off my chest but also, it will be a good way to make friends. Anybody who wants to be friends out there? Well that's all. Cya.


long_gone Love is just an excuse to get hurt. Jul 25th, 2005 8:46:00 pm - Subscribe
~x~Right now~x~

the clock says: 9:24 p.m.
the threads are: shorts and a tee
my emo is: out of it.
i'm blabbing to: nobody is on
the cd players singing: Gorillaz-Clint Eastwood
random thought of the day:Yay! I can cook chicken...succesfully
title lyrics by: bright eyes

Hi everyone thanks so much for the comments to my first entry... I feel so special.

I had a blast at the fair this weekend. Ya, I know I said it sucked or whatever in the first one but man I had fun. See I got a fair pass for free since I worked in the booth,yay! The booth was so cool cuz I got to put all these fake tattoo's on all these cute little kids. Well Rhonda (my boss) was like if you want you can use the pass to come back later after work. Well honestly it's like 4 bucks a ride, to ride anything so I was like no way! But my friends really wanted to go bad so I was like ok. I went in and waited for them to sneak in, lol! Then we were hanging out when Veronica comes up with this great idea, tell them it's our birthday and see if they'll let us ride for free. We'll needless to say, it worked I rode like six rides for free. It was awesome!

Also today at work I had so much fun we went to this park in this other town to try to promote our program (PHD) it's a summer/after school program for kids. Anyway we were at the park today and we had a few kids and all of us councillers and we were haning out and it was like 96 degrees (VERY HOT!) So we were tryin to think of somethin to do and not burn to death when Rhonda brings into the shelter building these four huge buckets of ice cold water and these sponges. Well we had a blast throwin sponges at each other and runnin around like maniacs! Then when all the kids left Rhonda took us to get ice cream. I cannot believe it, I think I have the best boss/job, ever! Well that's all I gotta say... thanks for reading!

long_gone Some Poems (by me) Jul 30th, 2005 2:13:44 am - Subscribe

I’m crying my heart out
My soul almost died
My heart broke further
The more I cried

I’m so stupid
I let you in
Now I’m just
Sad again

You took my heart
I took it for granted
That it’d be safe and
Be returned un-dented

I found out that
I was wrong
And I had been
All along

A dent is a little thing no
Matter who you are
It doesn’t sting or
Even leave a scar

What you did
Was far worse
I would even
Call it perverse

I can fix this
But the problems are
That I will remember
There will be a scar

One that causes
More pain and fear
Whenever that
Thought draws near

So thanks to you
I am much worse
But even I could
Never be so perverse

Silent Confusion

I’m talking to you now
Why don’t you answer
I’m leaning over
and yelling in your ear
I’m screaming so loud
That everyone should hear

I’m in a place
That I can’t stand now
I feel the confusion
It’s all around us
No one answers
And they never will again

Someone’s talking now
Trying to give me answers
But I just cant hear
I’m running around trying
To figure this out its
All so unclear

I am wondering now
Through this crazy mist
Then hope appears
I see someone who can
See me, someone who
Can actually hear

My confusion is still present
It is still near, but as
She speaks I slowly begin
To understand and away
Goes all my fear for I know
What needs to be done

And as I walk away
Towards this bright dawn
I wonder how someone
So young and untouched
Could have known how
To pass on.