Date: Oct 27th, 2005 9:46:04 pm - Subscribe
Mood: decent

pe - really bored. gina is a mean person who wont help me with my assignment.
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Date: Oct 20th, 2005 3:25:18 am - Subscribe
Mood: livid

I was so bummed at school all day, almost cried in English. Came home deciding that I would let all the tears flow but thats not what happened. I just started feeling better, had a little talk with Hatice, she always makes me feel better - somehow. It was kinda raining as if everything wanted me to cry but yea. The new Asian neighbours are nice. The guy - goes to homebush, opened the door when he saw me comming, Chang's dog licked my face ew.
It made me feel much much better....

Read Dave's convo's...much much much better

Life Rocks ... for now. I dont care what happens anymore. life goes on. shit happens. people change. time goes by. everything is different...
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i think i loved him
Date: Oct 18th, 2005 5:45:13 am - Subscribe
Mood: withdrawn

i dont know how i feel, i think i miss him but that doesnt sound right.
in know its irrelvant to dwell in the past i m accountable for what went wrong. ever since this happened i've been trying to hide the pain , painting on a smile, puttin on another charade, its getting harder everyday and now i m just running around in circles....

mr.p asked wadad when she started her periods. ew.

i have been crying ever since i got home. no one saw me crying. i alomst cried during music and wrote a really shitty poem

this sucks. i dont know how i feel. I wish Dave was on to give me some 'spiritual' help or play guitar lol.
grr ...
its hurts, it burns, its horrible, ack. blahblahblah
see i dont even want him back after all that has happened ..

I have tears in my eyes now. emotions suck, being human sucks, feelings suck, i wana be a zombie!
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Date: Oct 16th, 2005 5:10:43 am - Subscribe
Mood: electric

Dave rocks!!! He hasnt gone to bed, he was at the net from night till morning and until now. he is explaining spirits to me with his cam on and his guitar in his hand. he is the type of person i expect to see in a heavy metal concert.

Neil called. I freaked out. I thought my life was about to be over. I miss him and the rest. Hes b'day is next week so he called to mock me. I didnt even know he had my number. I feel soo loved. lol.

my mother is bipolar
me: 'i m always happy'
her "thats coz u have nothing to be unhappy about, ur a spolit brat, u weasle ur way out of anything, you have alreadi decicded wat you want and i wont be suprised if you have asked Tran for a job in 5 years time and you dont have a bf"
me :'i thought having a bf meant u were more happy? knowing that u are loved and loving someone'
her: "you'll be singing a different tune when hes locking tonsils (she actually said locking tonsils') with some other girl"

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too tired
Date: Oct 15th, 2005 10:37:21 pm - Subscribe
Mood: copacetic

he looked like him, he sat like him - he sat on grass, he read like him, he seemed to be him but he wasn't. lol bleh.

I was cheating on Dave's quiz, i kept looking at whatever he asked in google, he eventually figured that I was cheating, hes really nice..

church was embrassing *he* was sitting on the grass on the little hill and we were makind fools of ourselves on the conductors orders. BUT it wasnt him so no damage done.
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