Too many.
Date: Mar 11th, 2007 2:01:25 pm - Subscribe
Mood: distracted
Sounds Heard: The Mission - 30 Seconds to Mars

I have too many blogs.

Thank you all for your pieces of advice over the past months.

I'm condensing to one. Livejournal.

Thanks again. <33
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He left.
Date: Mar 2nd, 2007 2:51:45 pm - Subscribe
Mood: inexplicable
Sounds Heard: Fallen - 30 Seconds to Mars

Matt Wachter, bassist, has left 30 Seconds to Mars.

What do you do when your favorite band loses a member?

I'm not functioning at the moment.
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Too long.
Date: Feb 27th, 2007 6:18:51 pm - Subscribe
Mood: confined
Sounds Heard: Disgustipated - Tool

Two and a half years is too fucking long.

Tool concert in April? I hope so.
And Taste of Chaos isn't happening.
The Decemberists is instead. Should be good.
But I'm still wishing I would be at TOC.
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A photo to remember.
Date: Feb 24th, 2007 9:29:08 pm - Subscribe
Mood: alone
Sounds Heard: Fall At Your Feet - James Blunt

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Date: Feb 24th, 2007 5:18:42 pm - Subscribe
Mood: masochistic
Sounds Heard: Konstantine - Something Corporate

You didn't know you would be in jail at age 17.
You didn't know.
Did you?
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I'm suffocating. Slowly.
Date: Feb 21st, 2007 10:39:20 am - Subscribe
Mood: worthless
Sounds Heard: Sealegs - The Shins

The walls are closing in.
I need to get out.
I. Need. To. Run.

There's nothing more to it than that.

Somebody told me last night that it's a choice. If I want to, I can run.
But do I want to risk the pain? I've made 60% progress. And if I undo that, I will break.

Watching me in physical therapy, my mother later told me that I am extremely strong.
I don't cry when grown men and women have in the past.
That meant a lot to me.
But it told me something about myself I don't like.
I can take physical pain. Any amount. And I can do it without crying.
It makes me happy. I shows me I can still feel something, that I'm not completely numb.
Because I'm beginning to lose touch.
My coping methods have turned to writing an absurd story that is probably more damaging that beneficial.
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You knew.
Date: Feb 8th, 2007 2:12:33 pm - Subscribe
Mood: naive
Sounds Heard: Konstantine - Something Corporate

Fuck you.

You KNEW how much I wanted this.

But you just couldn't do it.


Don't talk to me.
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Date: Feb 1st, 2007 10:06:37 am - Subscribe
Mood: unmotivated
Sounds Heard: Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics

We got our semester grades in the mail recently.
My average is a 98.75.
My mother says nothing other than to ask why Orchestra was a 99 instead of 100 and why my Global average went from a 97 to a 96.

Thanks mom, I thought my grades were good too.

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My enemy.
Date: Jan 23rd, 2007 5:09:26 pm - Subscribe
Mood: open
Sounds Heard: Mad World - Gary Jules

Food is my enemy.

Every calorie is war.

I'm going crazy not being able to run.

I need to find a way to successfully abandon unhealthy food.

Suggestions anyone?

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Screw food.
Date: Jan 22nd, 2007 11:29:33 am - Subscribe
Mood: eh
Sounds Heard: Boston - Augustana

I love the feeling of hunger.

But don't worry.
I'm not going to go all anorexic or anything.

And this is my new favorite song that's not a 30 Seconds to Mars song.
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