Date: Feb 1st, 2007 10:06:37 am - Subscribe
Mood: unmotivated
Sounds Heard: Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics

We got our semester grades in the mail recently.
My average is a 98.75.
My mother says nothing other than to ask why Orchestra was a 99 instead of 100 and why my Global average went from a 97 to a 96.

Thanks mom, I thought my grades were good too.

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kikkai - February 01st, 2007
Well, I'm happy for you. Two of my grades are seriously teetering on the edge of a B. Ahh ):
I'm letting you know I'm happy for you.

kikkai - February 02nd, 2007
Aerobics makes me laugh. My teacher's a practical cheerleader.

anonymous - February 10th, 2007
Holy jeeze! That's a crazy good grade. But I know how that parental thing is. My parents aren't happy with low 90's.
<3, Larissa


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