My enemy.
Date: Jan 23rd, 2007 5:09:26 pm - Subscribe
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Sounds Heard: Mad World - Gary Jules

Food is my enemy.

Every calorie is war.

I'm going crazy not being able to run.

I need to find a way to successfully abandon unhealthy food.

Suggestions anyone?

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silentrain - January 24th, 2007
Hm, let me see if I can help. Here's some tips I've found to work.

With food, you never want go a day without eating. As much as it seems like the answer- when your body doesn't have nourishment, it thinks you're stuck on a mountain with no way out and goes into save-your-life-starvation mode, storing up your fat, and actually making you gain weight instead of lose it. Plus it makes you lethargic, overly tired, and craving bad foods.

So, if you want to abandon unhealthy food, start eating the honest-to-goodness healthy food. Surround yourself by the fruit, vegetables, wheat, water and low fat and calorie (both! Not just one or the other!) options that you like to eat.

But don't cut out the things you love. Most people think that by stopping eating their favorite dessert, or completely cutting out junk food that it's better and yadda yadda. Sure, it's a good idea, but how many people really stick to it?

It's simple. Because no matter how good cutting away sweets seems, when we get those cravings for something sweet- it just can't be helped. That's why, when it finally comes time to eat something sweet, try some low fat and calorie options (such as Edy's low fat ice cream, 1/2 the fat, 1/3 of the calories. And it's delicious! Or even, perhaps, Redi-whip whipped cream or marshmallows. They're surprisingly low in fat and calories, and they really help get rid of the sugar craving.)

And if you miss running, why not just go running for fun? Take a sibling or friend if you want to, or just plug in your mp3 player and hit the road. It will help boost your metabolism, and give you cravings for the healthier food life has to offer.

I wish you the best of luck. With a little determination, I know you can do it!

silentrain - January 24th, 2007
Oh no! D= I'm so sorry to hear that. *scribbles out second to last paragraph thing*

It's never fun when that kind of stuff happens. I hope you have a quick recovery so you can get back to running. Feel better really (really, really, really) soon!


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