barry white...i think
Date: Aug 2nd, 2005 8:23:15 am - Subscribe
Mood: sexual

oh darling i..... cant get anough of your love baby!!!! i dont know, i dont know why i cant get anough of your love baby!!!!!
lol my life is ups and downs!!! earily on today i was on such a low, i counldnt handle it!! but tonyt i have been running around like a little school girl....per say!! lol dont know why!!! this tends to happen!! ill go to bed tonyt all unset and angry at the world like i do every other nyt!! its a not a change for me to be like this........ im a wired person so this type of behaviour is normal.....kinda!!

i feel..... again......but for how long!!??
how long must each day be a shelter of unindouting hope and suffering!!! my ramble crap may sound like......ramble crap but it does mean something to me and ive learnt thats all that matters!!!

Fuck you!!!!!

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