each day!!
Date: Aug 3rd, 2005 5:30:04 am - Subscribe
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im a lost soul wonderingin the darkness! no where to be, no where to go....
no mater my destination, ill end up alone!
my soul turns black
my heart turs cold
i can feel this pain rising within me
my life is my misery but my pain is my best friend
torture is all i see

sits in the corner, alone
knows that no one knows she is there
long dark, black hair covers her silky, white face
chocolate waterfall

every so often, she moves slightly to reveal big blue eyes
they are two jewels
worth more then the worl itself

tears run down
burning pain invades her
black, broken heart
rushing river of sorrow
everyday feeling
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emoheart - August 06th, 2005
You capture the feeling of dementia so many of us are familiar with. Is there nothing but pain ahead? Very well might be.


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