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Biography some up in words...will proplerbly be the hardest thing ill will ever had to do!!
my life is music, which i now is clieche but it is.
i feel that i wasnt ment for this world, or that im in two... i feel like a random bunch of crap left over which in one world is perfect but in this world, i feel, like someone or something that just doesnt belong... and i know i never will.
my friends, well freind..... is my only hope for a staying in this world and well... her life is someoneelses, her boyfriend!!! so i feel only and confused most of the time... when im not lost within my music!!
school for me is a way of escape from all the heart ache...... before it was hell but the sorrow stains that flooded it has gone and now the days seem to be 55 minutes of zonnig and thinking of the life i want to lead but i know never will..........
love for me will be my saving grave. my friends says that "emo" was made for me!! *laughs* because i live my life for love!! i am a emo.... i was even before i knew what it was....... and .... my soul....... my mind........and my heart......will always be there!!!
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