warmed by the blood of my open wrists
Date: Aug 3rd, 2005 4:15:44 am - Subscribe
Mood: bloody

My Emo Name is warmed.by.the.blood.of.my.open.wrists.
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i dont know what will come up but yeah!!! lol
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hushpuppy - August 03rd, 2005
Guess what? I took the name generator and I came up with the same emo name as yours... now that's what I like to call creepy wink.gif

mickey_d - August 03rd, 2005
I got xConsumed.by.Lovex for Mickey D and Midnight.Turmoil for Michael Lee (the D's from my middle name for any pplz wonderinghappy.gif)

mickey_d - August 04th, 2005
lol, today we had to do a MacBeth in 32 seconds type play'skit thing. Our group was the only group that managed to stick to the 32 seconds and was actually quite fun. (we totally ditched shakespearean, and lik every 4 word was 'sup?')


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