when will this day end
Date: Jun 7th, 2005 11:13:43 pm - Subscribe
Mood: tormented

Each day i rise and then as the day drags on i fall again. this painful world has done nothing for but only brought pain and suffering to my and thoose around me! my mother is entering hospital tomorrow and im scared as hell. its nothing serious but things like this always seem to go wrong for me.
each day is one more day completed. and one one less day i have to suffer.
i hate the saying'tomorrow nerver comes'. what if one day it really never comes! what if this was the last day of humans existence of this planet and all we have to show for our time here is evolution and an awful lot of buildings. this world needs to find more but i feel i havnt even found myself yet. but maybe thats why i dont underdstand this world, maybe were not ment ot under stand until we find 'our special someone'
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armygt3 - June 07th, 2005
I know what's happening to you. You've been keeping this feeling inside yourself for to long and you can't hold it in any longer. Don't think about tommorow never coming or that makes you really depressed. Turn to God instead of trying to fight this battle alone. He is your ultimate protection. He will guide you through the worst events in your life. Just go get a Bible and start reading. I'll pray for your mom.


lovepain - June 08th, 2005
i have my family is relgious and ive been ther done that and so far it really ahsnt done a thnig for me! if anything its made me worse! the church i went was so clicky and into themselves it made more more depressed and worthless.

deathcab4u - June 08th, 2005
You have a band! If you don't have anything recorder you should, at least a track or two anyways. Anyone with a computer can do an at home recording that is good enough to pass out to friends and put online. If your band is serious about getting recognized the most important thing is playing shows, and the second most important is the internet. If you start now by time you graduate you could already have recorded an album and be ready to tour your butts off and sell that baby. But nows the time to start, be aggresive.


david - June 20th, 2005
If your looking to change your username, you must email us so that we can do this for you. Besure to email us from the 'email address' provided in your profile.

mickey_d - June 27th, 2005

you dont seem to be on much these days...

makeithurt - June 27th, 2005
armygt3, what a sweet gesture. Evidently, religion doesn't always help. i lost my faith long ago. lovepain, i'v added you as a friend.


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