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#213 How Time Flies? Sep 6th, 2011 10:47:07 am - Subscribe
Mood | flighty

Time flies with wings obviously. I've been flitting about lately having a good time texting my wings. I will alight here from time to time.

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#212 Change is Changeless Nov 14th, 2010 11:14:20 am - Subscribe
Mood | athletic

The Lover doesn't evolve but she sure knows how to dance in place. I've come back to the place I love the most here at this timeless Aeonity after a four month hiatus of running for city council. Because i lost I won. I am in transition but the more things change the more they stay the same. I've created a new central website with its own domain which I'll soon link to this site. Love is on the move but she's not going anywhere. Time and space are allusions the more I fall in love with her. I see we're still on step 19 in this 52 step dance. The mood is "athletic" which is one beautiful way to describe the primordial Lover. How can she possibly juggle all these universes like some super exponential internet? Such a silly question when Love smiles as she touches your heart. I welcome myself back to the Ageless Aeonity of Loverearth. Love.Dennis

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#211 Step 19 Comment 4 Jun 29th, 2010 5:45:47 pm - Subscribe
Mood | romantic

The mind is a peephole into the world of love. At its best it is kind and gentle; at its worst blind and violent. The mind is kind also insofar as it can tell one kind from another kind. In other words it can make distinctions and see differences. Vive la difference! Love embraces the mind and everything else. The mind makes a good servant but a terrible master. In this game the mind is ruled by the will immediately above it and justice which is above will. When there is proper order in the House of Love peace and prosperity govern. When the mind becomes a cancer there is war everywhere. We are entering a Lover Earth Aeonity where order will be restored according to the law of love. The mind will assume its humble place as one card of fifty two. When the mind tries to make itself master there is only disaster. The mind mole tries to be a mountain; the peep hole strives to be omniscient. It never works and causes endless pain. All empires based on the blind mind fall and ours will too. Let the mind be gentle and kind even toward those who are killers. The mind and body pass quick as a wink but the Lover who allows the mind to bubble til it bursts does so out of her love for freedom. When I see the mind is blind and is playing the role of "blind leading the blind" I say the magic words "Kind Mind" and feel the gentle waters of love quiet my agitated spirits. I'm mindful of one thing: Love; and one personal lover, the Lover.

-Dennis La Lover for Love Town Ohigh Caliwarmia on the Ocean coast of bluewater bliss. The mood is "romantic" so such poetic license is apt.

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#210 Step 19 Comment 3 Mar 29th, 2010 1:07:36 pm - Subscribe
Mood | playful

Our mind is but one of our many faculties, one in our overall multidimensionality. In this game of lovconsciousness the mind is the fifth dimension in a set of seven spaces. We live within a circle within circles forever. Going around in circles is far from a petty pejorative put-down; it is the science of love knowing which encompasses such minor show-offs as big bang linear bucks stopping at bottomline banks.

Copernicus was only half right when he said the earth was not the center of the solar system and universes. Where is the center then? Phenomenologically we have to make earth the center or we will be off center. When we don't, we get what we deserve which is self-destruction with no false patriarch heaven escape hatch. Our unfinished business will not allow us to finish because we declare it so. The law of love will hold us to our creations.

At the center then is the earth and our physical body. Surrounding our physicality is our emotional feeling body; then our fantasy faculty followed by our dream domain and fifthly our mental body. Further on in this series of circle sevens is our will in sixth place and our sense of justice in the seventh circle. This music of the spheres symphony can make us dizzy in love or just plain dizzy if we don't keep our center on this earth (and simul-timely in the womam's center of infinity gravity).

No wonder patriarchs opt out and cop to their little box of straight sticks which they can control and pretend their evolutionary theory of big bang for big buck explains it all. It explains nothing but their desire for total control and totalitarian negation of truth, beauty, joy and their four sisters. As Ophelia told Hamlet and her father Polonius after they raped her love -- mind and all: "There's more in heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your patriarchal philosophy."

The mood is "playful" and so is the philosophy of love.

-Dennis Ophilovia or Dennis the Mental Menace from Ohighlovia Califortunalia where lovedreams come true so often that they need to wear an invisibility cloak to be recognized.

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#209 Step 19 Comment 2 Mar 22nd, 2010 1:37:48 pm - Subscribe
Mood | mixed

The mind is like the wheel of fortune: sometimes you lose and sometimes you love. In the long run you will lose if you bet on the mind because the house will win and the house is love.

When we first began making verbal symbols we took them from our bodies. The circle and the straight line are primal signs of unequal value. The circle derives from the round womam's body and her rounded parts: belly, breasts, vulva, vagina, hips and buttocks. She was associated with the round moon, sun and earth.

Man is distinguished principally by his straight penis although he shares rounded parts with woman. In the love culture which is 99.99% of our herstory the penis was enclosed in the womam's circle and peace reigned supreme. Under the rebellion of patriarchy the penis make itself the big boss with the big stick and violence and cruel suffering ruled the roost in the .01% of historical his-story.

Ever since, most men have felt the need to prove they are men. A ridiculous notion to be sure but one that comes with the patrix package. Man can only be defined by womam since man comes from womam in more ways than one. The penis overthrew the natural order by violence and now men are stuck in the viscious circle of proving their manhood by some sort of violence or else -- or else they feel like nothing.

The way out of this pay-tricks prison is to deny the major premise that the straight edge penis comes first (patriarchy). It doesn't. The round line is first by nature and by devices lilke the wheel of fortune. Philosophies based on the big bang to big whang evolutionary yang bang are false as hens' teeth. Straight lines are found nowhere in nature but everywhere in man's penile mind.

When we embrace the notion that we are all womem at heart we will have peace and not before. Proving one's manhood is an oxymoron by a moron. All that violence to do so is a false flag. Man is an extension of womam and her peaceful values.

The mood is "mixed." The mind is always a mixed bag. Clear up this mixed up confusion by placing the mind where it belongs: in the lap of love.

-Denise James Leary, the womam behind Dennis James Leary who has nothing to lose and nothing to prove unless it be that strawmen are made of straw.

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