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#156 Step 15 Part 1 Story Sep 6th, 2009 5:22:05 am - Subscribe
Mood | astounded

Each step in Lover Earth Government tells a story of traveling through a house of consciousness with Joy. It's a sort of show and tell using tarot cards and Consciousness Cards which interact with each other. The story begins when we are lost in the woods of patriarchy and step by step recover the love culture which patriarchy stole from us.

Much of this involves recovering the sense of our body as part of the body of earth. The Consciousness Card is Body with the polarities of Gain and Pain. The Body is the first consciousness "space" that we deal with in this third suit of the game called space. The text of step 15 in Lover Earth Government follows after the break.
My heart was fine but I was in over my head. We crested with number and surfed to the top of the time wave and were now down in deep space shooting under a monster wave. Talk about spaced out and this was only first place in the suit of space. Space and time were warping wormholes.

From time's whirling top we dropped down to Davy Jones' swirling trough. No matter; Joy was with me and Joy was a solid rock, although rocking and rolling.

"Love's government has hills and valleys like grooves of a conch. Not to worry, all grooves lead home like the Lover's vaginal love tunnel. The Lover's Body is born in every body but in none so beautifully as in the Body of Womam, the all attractive Radha-Krishna or all allusive Mary-Christa.

"Herstory has been hijacked by jealous pie in the sky gods but now the Lover rides in on her white horse before dismounting and setting the horse free as an example for us."

I agreed that the laurel crowned womam on horseback looked better off than the heavily burdened hunchback of No Terror Left Behind. He may have been stoned on viagra but his hardon to tenth wandpower was hardly a womam's dream come...

"...true. You're beginning to sound like me. Womam hating is so entrained in patriculture that pricking balloons of inflated men is oh so politically incorrect according to the politics of pa-trickery. The pay-me-archy philosophy is so pervasive that it's virtually invisible."

Joy, I thought, you're losing it. Men and femen will marginalize you so far out to patermargins you'll be invisible. Can't you put on a tie and be one of the boys?

"You mean the tie and shirt collars that stand for cock and balls? I can play cloak and dagger with the best of men. The truth is that men hate the Body of Earth Womem. That's why they make such a big deal out of heaven. They fear womem will swallow them alive like a black hole vagina, a grave in spades."

I detected a joyus Kali pushing the limits just to scare the pants off wily willy wimps. She was out of control. It would take a man of steel to hoop her heart. Her belly dance was no hula-hoop Miss World pageant.
The mood is "astounded." Love is truly astounding.

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