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#158 Step 15 Part 3 Prose Sep 16th, 2009 7:15:59 am - Subscribe
Mood | randy

At this step we see how to be proud of our love and sexuality and how we are burdened by it. The mood is "randy" and as with all moods when placed in the context of love comes out just dandy. A prose description of this step from Lover Earth Government follows:
The first card in the suit of space is the Body of the humam race. The Body is the crux of the matter. How I treat my Body matter is the crucial measure of my Love.

The Lover rides a white horse, a sagittarian womam, holding an upright male phallus banner, with victory wreathes on her head and wand. She rides high in the saddle, proud in Body and soul. Her manly wand pierces her feminine O ring.

The Ten of Wands struggles with ten patriarchic penises, his Body a burden, pain, suffering and sadness, a story of no pain-no gain. He dies with Body lies.

The godfathers are deeply delusional about the Body. Their God father is a Bodyless, bloodless spirit, an earth and womam hater. He is a bloodthirsty tyrant, sacrificing his own son, abusing him to steal the blood power of womam's culture.

The Lover Government tells the truth about the Body. The whole creation is one Lover's Body, good from soul to sole. The Lover's Body does not need suffering, death, hatred, wars, rape and waste, the lying sword-sins of greedy godfathers.

Pain is an aspect of a Body but in the context of Love, it hurts good. Death is an orgasm, a release of the Lover's Body. Suffering is the tension prior to sexual surrender in a little death. A standing Body is the Lover's phallic wand.

The ten penal wands are a burden to the Body of humamity, too hard to bear or too limpish to do good. I offer my wand to the sagittarian horse womam who uses it for her pleasure and to save the world from limp wimps and wily wasps.

The godfathers with their unholy trinity of money, sex and power are killing the earth and its womem and children. Their lies poison the water, rape the land and would bottle and sell the air if they could. The four horsemen ride with them.

The Lover dismounts and lets the horse run free in nature since she is a wild horse herself. Why enslave the Bodies of animals as beasts of burden and pets of compensation? All bodies are sacred and worthy of freedom and self respect. They deserve a common grave with Mother Earth to fertilize dirt which gave them birth.

I Love my Body because it is also the Lover's. I say "Body Gain" to soften the iron age reign of hard rain. For my Pains, I receive 10 and 6 wands to total 35.

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