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#179 Step 17 Intro 3 Oct 27th, 2009 1:46:42 am - Subscribe
Mood | down

The tarot picture here is that of the Lover holding herself in the symbol of the pentacle. The pentacle is a five configured star shape which stands for us in our five pointed bodily shape. An upside down pentacle is the devil or ourselves twisted around 180 degrees. The mood here is "down" which would signify this twisting of our nature by patriarchy.

The Lover holds herself and all of us in an embrace of love. This is how it should be but in our patrix cult(ure) we are twisted beyond recognition. Our task is to put ourselves back into the culture of love and the lovetext of the Lover. No easy restoration but a necessary one.

The Lover holds herself. The pentacle is also a sign of her clitoris with its two arms, two legs and head. The clit is womam par excellence, her whole body in miniture, the real pleasure and reality principle. We are all womem for the first four months and then differentiate into womam and man. In holding the sign of her clit the Lover holds herself and all of us. In other words she masturbates herself.

Herein lies bitter gall which patriarchists and patriarchrists refuse to swallow because it means the end of their power-over rule. Hence the rebellion against the love culture and the institution of the patrix cult. Therein it is all downhill for us as a species. We can however reverse the reverse by playing Lover and holding ourselves like she does and thereby holding all of us in the love culture.

-Dennis La Lover from Oisis Ojai where the love culture is restored and will manifest its strength all in good time.

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