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#197 Step 18 Comment 3 Feb 16th, 2010 12:59:04 pm - Subscribe
Mood | stylish

The keywords for step 18 are "Sweet Dream" with the corresponding picture of us looking at the Lover's body in the form of a golden pentacle which is also called a "Lovar." This lovar is further a sign for the Lover's clitoris, the love organ above all others that plays sweet music. Thus love is the reserve that backs lovars as a currency. Pentacles and/or lovars are gold coins of the realm love. Lovars play off the defunct dollars(in any love value) backed by the patriarchal reserve of war and hate.

We are pausing here at stop 18 to review our journey thus far. Stop 2 is another version of the clitoris as First Principle wherein the clitoris has been expanded into its whole body form of the Lover. Step 1 concerns the penis and how it is held and masturbated by the hand of the Lover, lovers and the love culture. Stop 3 brings us to the community of Womam Lovers holding and offering their cups, also known as lovurs (from the simularity of the letter "u" to a cup.

Step 3 comes very near to the heart of the love culture which is the commons of womem offering themselves to the rites of love. In plain terms, these were rights / rites of mutual masturbation in the most sacred sense. In our corrupted patrix-matrix cult of power and porn we have practically no idea or experience of such sacredness. At its core the offering of Mass-turned-oblation involved womem in an open non-exclusionary manner which embraced men and even children with all the safeguards of a loving culture which attended to their needs.

It is difficult enough to form an idea of the lifestyles and practices of the venerable love culture mainly due to the self-serving lies of patriarchy about that culture but it is even more challenging to feel what they felt. From the very rare and circumscribed instances we have the the feeling of falling or being in love from which we can derive a taste of what must have been a universal and continuous experience. The feeling of two people being in love is exquisite but there are no words to describe a whole community of lovers being so. We can only guess at what they saw, heard, touched and felt in their natural paradise based on the evidence we have.

The card of step 3 helps to evoke that primal love feeling but to properly energize the card so it feeds back to us what we have programmed into it takes skill and perseverence. I have outlined in my various writings what I consider necessary to clear the obstacles preventing the experience of the love we as a species were once given. The front side of card 18 shows the state of natural love; the back side shows how patriarchy kills love. Womem's sexual powers of enjoyment far exceed men's and unless a man is secure within himself, womem's free indulgence in her natural sexual joy breeds resentment and jealously in men. Women (not womem) who have internalized patriarchal feelings come to feel the same animosity as men and take up the same practices such as God-Money-Power worship, animal killing, flesh eating and pet keeping.

We may not be able to "get back" all the way to the original love culture but by using all the powers of our faculties we can restore within ourselves the timeless culture of love not limited by space and time.

The mood is "stylish" and reminds us that love has her own style and manners which are worth any price to receive.

-Denise James Leary from that part of the Love Culture still burning in the valley receptacle of O Low and O High California where Death Valley and Mt. Everest hold hands in Liberty Park between the fountain and the tower.

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