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Blog 72 Step Seven Intro (1) Feb 2nd, 2009 9:12:29 am - Subscribe
Mood | detached

Lover Earth Government has 52 steps in recovering from patriarchy and in recovering our nature as lovers. The book Lover Earth Government is being reproduced here. We have completed the first six steps and are now embarking on the seventh step.

In the Lover Earth liturgical calendar the seventh number begins on February 2 and lasts for seven days. It thus corresponds with ancient feasts that anticipate the coming of spring.

In Christian tradition February 2 commemorates the presentation of Christ in the Temple and the purification of Mary which practices rest on earlier Jewish ones. This day is known by various names such as Candlemas Day from the blessing and distribution of candles.

It is instructive that our culture has taken to Groundhog Day which began with a connection to the holy day of presentation. Patriarchal culture trivializes, distracts from and ignores anything of a sacred nature because it is uncomfortable with the greater personal love.

Step seven of Lover Earth Government uses two sets of card decks: Consciousness Cards and Tarot cards. The Consciousness Card for this step is "7," the seventh card in the suit of number with the polarities of "Wins" and "Sins." The corresponding Tarot card is the High Priestess.

The High Priestess is shown sitting between two pillars, one white and one black. She is in her temple and in a very real sense is the temple.

In Christian tradition the emphasis was changed from Mary to Christ although devotion to Mary was so strong that the feast of February 2 is still called the purification of Mary.

The truly ancient roots of this pre-spring feast is about the Lover and the turning of her seasons. Not accidently, this is retained in the sound of the word Lover which is La Ver, meaning "the Spring" in Latin.

The Lover and her womem lovers did not need to be purified. That is a patriarchal notion deriving from a negative view of womem. The Lover is purity and that is celebrated in rites of spring.

The mood here is "detached." In order to understand the natural order of things we have to be detached from the patriarchal addiction which is endemic in our culture.

February 2 is 40 days after December 25. In Jewish tradition a womam had to observe a period of seven days for purification and then an additional 33 days.

It is not womem who need to be purified. Birth is a sacred and holy event, pure and radiant in its natural beauty. The only taint involved is in the minds of patriarchal men who have detached from natural sex and childbirth.

Lover Earth Government step seven introduction to be continued.

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