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We have adopted a new member to our family! Her name is Kota and she is a 2 year old yellow lab/retriever mix, although we think she might have some sort of chow in her as well because of her ears and tail. We were told she weighs 60 lbs, but could definitley lose some weight! It works out well though because now Jim has a work-out buddy! ;0) I guess her previous owners surrendered her because their other older dog used to beat up on her and they didn't want her to have to go through that anymore!

My husband and I picked her up on May 28th (our 3rd anniversary), from the Denver Women's Correctional Facility and the Colorado Correctional Industries K-9 Companion Program. She has been with us for almost a month and she is such a sweetheart! We love her already! She is so calm and willing to please and we know she will be great when the baby arrives!

Her and our other dog Willie get along just fine now too which is good! At first Willie wasn't so sure about her and would bark and snap at her alot. The great thing about her is she would completely ignore him and wouldn't bark or snap back. Now Willie is alot more used to her and is perfectly comfortable with laying next to and jumping up on her. He even likes to sneak in her kennel with her every now and then!

We are so glad we decided to keep looking into adoption and for the right dog for our family! She has been nothing less than great to have around! We love you Kota!

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Do NOT Adopt From Colorado Furbabies!
Date: Apr 6th, 2009 10:38:49 am - Subscribe
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My husband and I found a dog on the Colorado Furbabies website that we thought we might be interested so we sent in an application. It took over two weeks to hear back from them, even after I called and emailed them several times to find out the status of our application. Luckily when we finally heard back, our home inspection was completed promptly and we heard from the foster mom the next day. We thought things were finally running smoothly, however we tried setting up several dates to go meet the dog which in the end were canceled by the foster mom. We finally were able to set a date for us to drive to her house to meet the dog. It took us 45 minutes to drive there, only to find out that no one was home and the dog had apparently run away. The foster mom called later that night to let us know the dog had been found and that she would drive out the next day to our house for us to meet the dog. Luckily this plan followed through and we were finally able to meet her. At the meeting we learned alot about the dog and were told by the foster mom that we could have time to think about and to call her and let her know our decision. I also informed her that I would be leaving to go out of town the next day (Tuesday) and would not be back until Sunday when I would let her know. She said that was fine. So after long thought and consideration my husband and I decided that they dog was not right for us. I sent the foster mom an email yesterday letting her know, then today I get an email from the director of the shelter:

"This is Susan the director of CFB. I am writing to express my complete disappointment in you and your husband for leading us to believe you were going to adopt Sheba , which Traci was nice enough to hold onto for you to find out today....the day after you were to adopt that you are no longer interested. Sheba had two other apps that have since adopted other dogs. She has stayed home from two adoption events as well. We generally don't "hold" dogs for families and this is a prime example as to why. Sheba's chance at being in a happy forever home have been severely delayed by this. Having Traci hold her, and then just today letting her know that you are no longer interested is in search of a better word, BULL!!!! I understand that the dog needs to be the best match...this is also what we want. However not telling us until today is very very rude and certainly uncalled for. I will be pulling your app from our files. Good luck in finding your forever friend elsewhere. Sheba has waited long enough!"

We found this letter very rude, very upsetting, and extremely unprofessional! First of all it was not our fault they were so hard to get a hold of in the first place. Second of all it is not our fault we didn't get to meet the dog sooner. Third of all we never asked for the dog to be put on hold so we cannot be blamed for that! Fourthly, I told the foster mom when I would be getting back to her so there is no reason waiting until yesterday to get back to them should be considered "uncalled for." Lastly, my husband and I don't want a dog in our house that does not fit our personalities and lifestyle, therefore we don't want this dog. I fully understand wanting the dog to go to a good home as soon as possible, but we are NOT the right home. I think a shelter would be more understanding of this and would be more mature than to send a very rude email to possible adoptees. All we ever wanted was to adopt a dog that would fit well into our family and then we get treated like crap for saying a dog is not right for us. Totally unacceptable for the director of the shelter to send such an unprofessional email in my mind. This experience has been a total turn-off towards adoption a dog!PLEASE DO NOT ADOPT FROM COLORADO FURBABIES and save yourself the hassle!
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Little Drummer Boy
Date: Nov 17th, 2008 9:49:41 am - Subscribe
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Wow! It's been 2 years since I was last on here! This entry is well over due! =0)

It comes this time of year when I love to listen to Christmas songs even though Thanksgiving hasn't even past yet. I think it drives Jim crazy, but I can't help. It's almost like an instinct, which I assume is much similar to the motherly instinct a woman has when she has a baby. But I wouldn't know for sure because I haven't reached that point in my life yet, I am simply guessing. Anywho, I love majority of all Christmas music, there are some songs that I just don't care for, but I have to say that above all my absolute favorite Christmas song is Little Drummer Boy! And I especially love the verson by Bob Seger! I don't know what it is about the song, but I can't just hear it once, I have to listen to it over and over and over. Usually if I do that with any other song, I get tired of it and end up hating it later, but not with this song! I guess that means it could be considered my favorite song. I made Jim download it for me so I don't have to wait around for the radio station to play it, and when he was looking for it, he found a video of a house with Christmas lights that turn on and off to the beat of Little Drummer Boy on YouTube! It is amazing and I just wanted to share it with you! I listed the lyrics below so you can sing along if you wish! lol Tis' the season!


Little Drummer Boy Lyrics

Come they told me
(ba rum bu bu bum)
Our new born king to see
(ba rum bu bu bum)
Our finest gifts we bring
(ba rum bu bu bum)
To set before the king
(ba rum bu bu bum x3)
So to honor Him
(ba rum bu bu bum)
When we come

Little Baby
(ba rum bu bu bum)
I am a poor boy too
(ba rum bu bu bum)
I have no gift to bring
(ba rum bu bu bum)
That's fit to give a king
(ba rum bu bu bum)

Shall I play for you
(ba rum bu bu bum)
On my drum

Then He nodded
(ba rum bu bu bum)
The ox and lamb kept time
(ba rum bu bu bum)
I played my drum for him
(ba rum bu bu bum)
I played my best for him
(ba rum bu bu bum x3)
Then he smiled at me
(ba rum bu bu bum)
Me and my drum

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Mood: tired

Sorry it's been awhile since I've written anything on there. I've been occupied by work and school and the holiday season. I have finals next week so after that I will be able to write more entries.
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My Name
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Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com

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