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We have adopted a new member to our family! Her name is Kota and she is a 2 year old yellow lab/retriever mix, although we think she might have some sort of chow in her as well because of her ears and tail. We were told she weighs 60 lbs, but could definitley lose some weight! It works out well though because now Jim has a work-out buddy! ;0) I guess her previous owners surrendered her because their other older dog used to beat up on her and they didn't want her to have to go through that anymore!

My husband and I picked her up on May 28th (our 3rd anniversary), from the Denver Women's Correctional Facility and the Colorado Correctional Industries K-9 Companion Program. She has been with us for almost a month and she is such a sweetheart! We love her already! She is so calm and willing to please and we know she will be great when the baby arrives!

Her and our other dog Willie get along just fine now too which is good! At first Willie wasn't so sure about her and would bark and snap at her alot. The great thing about her is she would completely ignore him and wouldn't bark or snap back. Now Willie is alot more used to her and is perfectly comfortable with laying next to and jumping up on her. He even likes to sneak in her kennel with her every now and then!

We are so glad we decided to keep looking into adoption and for the right dog for our family! She has been nothing less than great to have around! We love you Kota!

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