No more girls online
Date: Sep 15th, 2011 11:11:48 am - Subscribe
Mood: divine

There seem to be no more girls online, I tried on many different websites, and there is no point in trying again... You really need to pay if you want to see something.

So I thought it's high time I started looking for some gilrs in real life. I thought I should ask out some girls I met in college, but they all turned me down. Then I tried adding them on facebook, and again, the same thing happened.

I guess they all look for handsome and rich men, which I must admit I'm not, but I mean, they're not the prettiest girls either, so I really don't understand what's happening???
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Not again…
Date: Jun 14th, 2011 8:38:41 am - Subscribe
Mood: strong

It always the same story. Yesterday I was on chat roulette, trying to find a cute girl which accepts to show me her tits. After 30 min of searching I found her, she asked me to masturbate, before shoving me anything. I agreed but this slut singed up and five minutes later I was banned for one month. Hell I hate this web site, but can’t stop going on it. I think that I am addicted…
I should try making something else instead, but I am just so lazy and I can’t do anything instead of looking crazy people doing crazy stuff. Maybe one day I will quit chat roulette, but not now. I am always alone the evening need to see some people or I am going t be crazy.

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