Eva again.
Date: Jan 16th, 2007 5:35:26 pm - Subscribe
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I found a very nice and cute lesbian manga this evening, Maka Maka. Not only it has beautiful drawings and a very sweet storyline, but also the two women are talking to each other and treating each other so lovingly, that it reminds me of Eva... but I swallowed the tears. I really thought I had overcome her, but sometimes there are those moments in which I just wish that she would be here and I could hear and feel her breath near my face... it was such a great feeling - thinking about it makes me cry...

But uh. I have to forget her. She was my evening star, the most important person in my life, but now she's gone, forever. And since she had admit that she had never loved me, even if we had such close contact, I simply try to ignore the pain.

But this manga is so... in parts it really could be Eva and me (they are artists. hello.) and it's so strange looking at these pictures and remembering some situations like they are in this manga. It's so lovely.

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