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Date: Dec 6th, 2006 9:18:13 am - Subscribe
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Today, there were a few moments, in which I asked myself: Is anyone on this planet able to love me?
I could give my love to any girl on this planet, it doesn't matter how she looks, how she acts or which "faults" she has. If someone shows me his affection, I answer as good as I can.
But the more time runs forward, I can't get rid of the thought that I'm not a person you could have a crush on. Sure, Annika often tells me "My parents, Moe and you are the most important persons in my life", but ... where is that special someone who can tell me "I love you" and doesn't lie for a change? I was betrayed three times, I gave my virginity to someone who treated me like a toy, because I was so terribly naive. Three knifes, stucked in my heart, sinking deeper and deeper.
But maybe, because of that, I lost the ability to be so nice that anyone could ever love me. And the two girls I'm interested in don't notice that I try to do everything for their well-being.

I'm not really beautiful or intelligent, I could never impress somebody with my body or mind. The only thing that could seperate me from others, is the fact that I care for my friends and would cut up my hand for them, if it would be neccessary. If a friend would be in a very bad mood, I would ask "Want me to visit you this weekend?" and would borrow money from my parents (altough I hate it) to get to him.
I try to do everything for the people I deeply love.
But is there someone, who loves me deeply?

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