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Musik: Janus - Rorschach

I laughed my ass off in the music lesson, wtf. Our teacher is ... well ... strange? Has no authority? Is one of the people, who don't hear you, whatever you're asking?
Ahh man. And I don't understand most of the words he's saying and have to ask Steffi or Rebecca. Examples:
"What? Figaros daughter is Don Giovanni...?"
"Siegfried and Roy are the heroes of the nibelung? WTF?!"

And so on. I never really have a clue what he's talking about. Also he's shouting very often, due to he gets enthusiastic about the topics we're talking about and because of the fact that people don't take him seriously, they answer. Example:
Teacher: "And his parents were frightened and screamed: Josef!! Did something happen to you?!"
Moritz: "No!! D:"
Teacher: "And he was just a few years older than him!!"
Rebecca: "OMG! D:"

And furthermore, Steffi said something in italian (because in the 9th grade, I chose it as an optional subject), namely "tipi buffi", which means something like "funny guy", but it sounds strange and due to I remembered the lesson we had talked about that two years ago, I had to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Until I cried. That was... scary xD.


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anonymous - December 02nd, 2006
I'm really glad you kinda found friends. That makes me happy.

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