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Date: Nov 24th, 2006 11:25:04 am - Subscribe
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So, I think I should start to write my entries in english now, since a few artists want to get to know me better and don't speak german at all.
Today, a careers officer was in our class, asked some of us what we wanna do later, told us something about different universities and so on. I'm gonna stick to journalism I think, since it _can_ be a safe job, if you're good. Working as an illustrator is quite difficult, simply because you can't get an employment so easily. There's always someone who's better than you, much better. Being an artist is a neverending way of learning and practicing. Sure, I'm only 18 years old, but my role models are... 22? 27? Something in that range and I keep thinking if I'm going to be just as good as them.
It' ll be my dream forever - working as an illustrator, at best as an freelanced illustrator. Creating artwork which let people freeze with their mouths open. But the main problem is - who's looking for illustrators? Surely none of the companies here in Germany, but in America or Japan. I would've to leave my home, my friends, everything, just to live a part of my dream and I'm not sure if that's worth it.
But thinking about it now is unneccessary, since I'm stick to the idea working as a journalist. At the best, I don't even have to attend to a university. The careers officer said that many employers are especially looking for those who have practical knowledge and not a diploma. But where should I work? Newspapers are boring, reports make me fall asleep. TV doesn't fit to me at all. That's why I will look for something in a ... I don't know ... maybe a games -/computer magazine. Would be way more interesting, for sure. And additionally, I could write my novel and continue drawing and make a bit of money with it.
Dreams are sometimes so real but impossible at the same time. *sigh*

Whatever. The day was rather boring and physics enraged me deeply. My teacher is ... ugh. There is no word describing his fucking personality. He got up to me this morning after the lesson, because before I had understand nothing. And he asked me: "Why aren't you able to calculate such easy arithmetic problems?"
"I don't know how."
"Well, if you had payed attention ... "
"I payed attention. I simply don't understand what you're talking about."
"So, why aren't you learning at home?"
"I do."
"No, you don't. If you would, I could see results."
"That's unfair. I'm a very good student and I'm learning more than enough. I just have my problems with maths and physics. My head is not made for subjects like that. But in the 9th grade I even had a B in physics. You can't tell me I'm lazy! Primarily, because you don't know the backgrounds! Maybe it's your fault, have you thought about that possibility?"

Then I simply ran off. It leads to nothing, arguing with that guy.
Luckily I, again, had a little talk with Rebecca in the music lesson about our teacher and the dancing party tomorrow at school (where I'll be a waitress, haha. I hate dancing). We'll have to work at the same time, from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm, so we had to discuss a few things. She's a very nice girl ... I'll try to talk to her more often. After all, she built a team with me in the sport lessons a few times. I think we get to know each other better. That really calms down.

Homework now, I guess.


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