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Linksys router and OpenWRT 15/06/2007 4:19:02 am - Subscribe
Mood | umm, dunno

Yesterday, I finally got around to loading the open router firmware onto a my linksys WRT54GL. I've imaginatively named it wrt54gl1.marknet, installed iproute2 on it, and recreated the policy-based routing on my current main server.

Next steps are to install bind on it, transfer a copy of my domain information, and then set up the DHCP server to replace the one on the main server. Basically, I'll move as much as I can onto it, as I'm splitting the main server, giskard, into multiple low-power machines, including a mythtv box from, and a file server from somewhere unknown so far, but it'll be a low-power one.

There is something very satisfying about secshelling to my linksys router from my Nokia 770; how far linux has come!

On the strange-event-of-the-day front, I found out why some of my emails from work to personal account were disappearing - they were getting grabbed into the spam-catcher bucket. I've requested that my email address is removed from this bucket, although I wonder how they will cope with spoofed from addresses? Time will tell.

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