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its easy

Mar 28th, 2008 1:06:00 am - Subscribe

i'm so tired of myself, my sad, over emotional emo self. i hate being mad at someone, so furious about something so ridiculous, yet they don't see the problem, then when youre finally able to say how fucking pissed you are, you act like a bimbo just to keep the peace as if everything is ok.

well everything isn't ok

and i need to run away, run back home. i dont know if i want pity, or if i want to leave just so a year or two down the line, theyll have regrets. i dont even know if he'd miss me if i was gone. maybe thats what i want to find out.

dont even listen to me, i just want to whine to someone who isnt myself for a change.
mood: irked
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avatar femmeemo

March 28th, 2008

I am indeed. In wonderfully awful Edmonton. happy.gif

And you? Where in this large unruly country do you preside?

It does beat making coffee. But not by much. I hear you on the not knowing what you want.

I teeter back and forth between growing up, and then falling back under the huge shadow that is terror of self dependency.

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