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I spent the summer wasting

Mar 17th, 2008 2:20:02 am - Subscribe

I wanna start writing like I used to, idea after idea of amazing fictional work of a dream world I could only wish I was in. I wish i didnt lack the inspiration.

Where is my happiness. I think I'm happier alone even if I'm more lonely. F*k relationships and commitment, I live for me.

mood: queasy
Current Tune: Belle and Sebastian - A Summer Wasting
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avatar evie

March 17th, 2008

Lacking in inspiration. I hate that. It's more of a motivation problem for me. I have the stories, just not the time or effort. Sometimes being lonely is key. Pain offers so much more to your writing.

Power to you as far as relationships go. Commitment can be such a terrible thing. Someone always gets hurt. However hurting makes for better writing. AHH, paradox!!!

I think I'll stop now. Your comment made me feel better. I hope you find the inspiration you've been seeking.

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