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I'm ok cause you're with me, 37D

Feb 23rd, 2008 10:35:26 am - Subscribe

Its been a while. I got a new phone. Its got a camera and everything. And an 8GB iPod nano, which I'm more than thrilled about. Had it for a while, but got it after I last posted.
Sorry for my neglect. Work has been taking me over lately.
DMC4 is great by the way.





I'll try and be more consistant.
I might get a puppy
mood: aloof
Current Tune: Blue October - Hate Me
(2) sat behind the drumset.

avatar evie

February 24th, 2008

I think every girl is straight with the right amount of alcohol, or when the right girl isnt around.

Oh, and LOVE the hat! I'm jealous. I dont have a phone or an ipod. I suppose that would require getting a job first. :S


March 02nd, 2008

you're soo cute!!
scarfs<3 are theee best.

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