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lately, you're all i need

Mar 16th, 2008 4:15:35 am - Subscribe

things have been strange. theres this girl im really interested in but im too stupid or insecure or something to go after it with as much enthusiasm as i know i have buried somewhere deep inside. shes great.
shes also got me addicted to this show. The L Word.
its further convinced me how big a lesbian i am and have been for longer than i should admit.

my roommate has been trying to get me to go back to being 'straight' for him but i cant keep lying to myself. i hate hurting him every time he asks me, but ever since ive come out to him things have been so awkward.

so aside from the l word and working, ive been entertaining myself with many episodes of daria, family guy and robot chicken. Of course much devil may cry 4 and halo 3 on the side.
i just bough The Darkness on ps3 and im quite excited to play it.

thus concludes another boring entry to my more than bland blog. but this is for me so ill do what i want =) i have more l word to be watched.

much love whoever made it this far, you're amazing~
mood: spastic
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