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Lost Sleep to Solitaire.

Feb 26th, 2008 12:18:16 am - Subscribe

Should I feel pathetic for spending a good hour or two I was tired and wanting to sleep playing solitaire and only winning about 2 hands?
Either way, sleep doesn't mean shit.

Theres this girl I've met, she's wonderful. I wont name names and it is probably too early to tell anything anyway. Who knows, maybe she'll read my blog some day and this'll freak her out and she'll run. Anxiety makes me anxious.
Anyway, I'm getting to know her well and things are going great.

Work sucks. We had this "Always Fresh" check which each shift gets and it determines whether people who've worked there 3 months+ get a nice little extra chunk of cash on their next paycheck. As it turns out, my shift is the reason they failed it. Not that I care, I haven't worked there long enough to see any decent money. But I'm sure, with how dramatic my store is, there will be a lot of hate towards my "afternoon team" I dunno, work sucks and I'm glad I'm not in any way attached to it.
I just love money.

Theres this beautiful cat I want to adopt. He's white and deaf. I fell in love with the little guy and he doesn't have a home =( my roommate says he doesn't want another cat in the apartment because there isn't space. As well, my current bundle of love, Spectre, is too much of a handful for him.
For those who don't know.
I feed her.
I clean her litter.
I entertain her.
I pay her vet bills when necessary.
She doesn't even enter his room.
Apparently she gets in the way though, totally invades his life. Whatever to be honest. Meh I'm getting an email from the owner sometime tomorrow saying whether or not he's still in need of a home. Might take him anyway ...
Since when do cats take up space? ..
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avatar jim

February 28th, 2008

Never was much of a cat guy, but I think I would want a cat sometime down the line, mainly because they are easy going and very low maintenance. I think I can handle that. I do not see how they take up space, I think your roommate is just grumpy =)


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