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Apr 12th, 2008 5:32:40 am - Subscribe

So I've moved in with a friend from work, its going quite well. She keeps trying to set me up with men though, which is kinda weird.

Got my own xbox finally, some sweet games on it. I'm an addict of GH3 ...
My GT is Sensarity if anyone else is an xbox nerd like me, add it.

anyway, I cant sleep, been too busy rearranging my room, got it done for the most part, having trouble finding a good tv to invest in. Bought one second hand, but found out you cant get to the input without a remote (which it didnt come with) so I can't even use it for gaming.
Oh Well.

Lifes good none the less, I think
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avatar tron

April 22nd, 2008

Mmm games. We cleaned out my study here and all these old glories turned up that might actually run on my computer. Probably not a good idea to put them on just yet. tounge.gif but games, yes, games are good.


December 06th, 2008

My brother is addicted to XBOX, haha. I am currently not signed in, but if you want to comment back, you can go to

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