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Things are going pretty well.

Feb 4th, 2008 11:16:59 am - Subscribe

I finally got a new cellphone with a real plan. Though I have a three year contract, contracts always make me nervous but I'm sure it'll be cool.

Got a new iPod. 8 GBs, I love it.
If you can't tell, I had an excellent day out shopping on Friday. Got my phone, ipod and 3 awesome DVDs. Se7en, Pulp Fiction and A Clockwork Orange. Been waiting for a chance me and my two roommates are all off work, thats rare. But I wanna watch them with ..them~

Nothing much else to say. Works been crappy, and I've been going way too much. Today though, I do get to start my work week with the new girl and I like her a lot. She drives me to and from work which is nice, she lives like two feet down the street.

Been playing a lot of FF12 with my time off. Its such a crappy game but i wanna beat it before FF13 comes out in, I think March.
Devil May Cry 4 going to be comparable with sex I think. But ...I'm a dork.

Anywho, gotta get ready for work.
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avatar xbang_bang

February 04th, 2008

All three very good movies grin.gif

avatar femmeemo

February 04th, 2008

Agreed. Se7en is one of my all time favorites! What kind of work are you doing Marlene? (If you don't mind me being nosy)



February 04th, 2008

Those 3 flicks are a 'classic'. Definitely worth your bucks. DMC4 is going to be something. Not too fond of FFXII though, I'm mostly looking forward to FF Versus XII.

avatar tron

February 05th, 2008

I always feel better myself when I get a little something for myself when I'm working heaps. (Not that the opportunity presents itself often tounge.gif) but when it does, its good to remind yourself what the hell you go to that place for. Nice selection on the movies. Don't worry, if I had a machine that could game (My lappy isn't 100% direct x compatible) I'd be nerding it up with the best of them.

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