hi there
Date: Sep. 15th. 2005 12:05:53 am - Subscribe
Mood: cool

wow ok i just decided to write something here!

hi everyone!!
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CSI Fever
Date: Sep. 7th. 2004 10:27:21 pm - Subscribe
Mood: fit as a fiddle

anyone else been watching the weeklong marathon of CSI on Spike TV?

ive been watching all the time i get and i love it.

Cant wait for the new season to start on the 23rd!! happy.gif
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Goodbye Private
Date: Sep. 1st. 2004 9:05:49 am - Subscribe

well hes finally gone off to leave me alone.

it finally happened, i really didnt want it to happen but sooner or later it did. and yesterday i found out today is the day.

James is gone.

hes gone. off (hopefully not) to fight the war on terror. he starts today and is off to san antonio for basic training then, i think he said off to Oklahoma for service.

well i just wanna say i hope everything goes well over there friend and i will miss you.

remember AWF 4 Life!!

Everyone at Emocium and Livejournal wish you good Luck!!

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Date: Aug. 31st. 2004 9:45:27 am - Subscribe
Mood: great

Well finally im gonna write something in this here emo blog. i registered it last year and never got around to using it so i guess now ill use it cause theres more people now, than there was back in december.

so if you feel like adding me , you can do so and if you want a preview of what i write you can visit my Livejournal at www.livejournal.com/~MavManager2000

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