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mazlibs Initial MaZLiBS - Subscribe
1) Have you ever tried Italian Wedding Cake?

2) Have you ever tried Baklava? Yes? You've tried Baklava? Do you like Baklava? I was just wondering if you've tried Baklava.

3) Hey John, are you familiar with Arizona land laws?

4) Hey Chris, sorry, do you know a good window tinting company? No? Oh. Sorry.

drawing a blank on others...they are so plentiful. from now on, i will track them all. the MaZLiB archive is born.
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mazlibs Nappy? May 23rd, 2006 2:09:51 pm - Subscribe
Q: Have you ever been to "Nappy By Nature"?
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mazlibs Seriously? A disturbing dialogue... May 25th, 2006 1:08:32 pm - Subscribe
B has a Q on his desk. M knows what a Q is, but came to B's desk and asked a very interesting question.

M: Is that a Q?
B: Uhh, yeah.
M: Really?

Not really a random question, so not your average MaZLiB...but intriguing nonetheless.
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