Camelback Mtn Jockey
Date: Nov 28th, 2006 3:58:37 pm - Subscribe
Mood: starving

A high-paid consultant is here this week helping the Maz-man do his incredibly difficult job. Let's call him "Stan".

So Stan and Maz bounce back and forth between Maz's cube and his "build machine" cube. Stan happened to notice the pyramid-shaped stack of pennies growing on my cube wall. Here's a bit of the dialog that occurred, once again reassuring us that Maz is a blithering dolt.

Stan - "I like your pyramid of pennies."

Me - "Oh thanks, we're actually trying to shape it like Camelback Mountain."

Stan - "Cool. Now I see why you moved here Mazen. More like Egypt...desert, camels, pyramids."

Maz - "Actually, I've always been here. This is my office."

Stan - "I actually meant Phoenix -- closer to your Egyptian roots."

Maz - "Oh, right."

Stan - "Sorry, it was just a weak attempt at humor."

Maz - "You know, I've never had the honor of riding a camel."

Stan - "Yeah, I hear they're pretty ornery."

Maz - "Oh, really?"

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