Medieval Indian Films?
Date: Dec 8th, 2006 11:08:48 am - Subscribe
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The MaZ is notorious for making ridiculous small-talk with people, quite often when they're ass-deep in work. While it is incredibly annoying, it does provide humorous material on occasion. This my one such occasion...

This MaZLiB takes place at lunchtime. A fellow bit-slinger (let's call him Monty) made his way down our aisle, trying to gather the lunch herd. It just so happens that the wanderer is of Indian decent. MaZ decided to base his nonsensical blather on that this fine day.

The conversation went something like this:

MaZ: Hey Monty, do you know of any Indian films based in the Middle Ages?

Monty: Yeah, the Kama Sutra.

MaZ: Really? Think I could watch that with my in-laws?

Monty: No...I don't think that would be a good idea.

If you're like me, you hear the screeeeeech of a car's brakes before hitting a telephone pole. "No"? My response would have been -- "Yeah, I think they'll really like it. It's a fantastic love story." -- Could you imagine MaZ's sheer embarrassment? He's be whistlin like a freakin teapot! Kama Sutra baby!

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