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Hey Everybody!

This coming summer, 2009, I will be spending four weeks at God's Littlest Angel's Orphanage in Haiti. My purpose is to volunteer as a worker and take care of the children. I am so excited that God has given me this opportunity. I cannot wait to hold and love His precious babies!

I wanted to create this blog ahead of time so that I can be familiar with it, and so I can post pre-trip updates. I have been told I will have access to the internet periodically (probably once or twice per week), so I will hopefully be able to keep you updated during my trip.

Your prayers are greatly coveted! There is nothing that could mean more to me than knowing I have an amazing group at home praying over myself and these precious babies!

My hope is that, when I cannot sit beside you and share coffee, through this internet blog you will see my heart and my passion. I hope I can communicate what I am feeling in a way that you will understand and feel it too.

Thank you for your support, prayers, and taking the time to read this.

All my love,
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In case you would like to learn more about GLA, or look at pictures of some of the kiddos who are there right is the website!! One of the ladies who runs the orphanage has a blog that she began a few weeks ago and updates once or twice each week. It is so enjoyable to read her helps me to connect already!!

Check out the before and after's absolutely amazing what love and food can do for these children!!

<3 Meg
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mdailey a sleeping baby... Dec 23rd, 2008 10:28:57 pm - Subscribe
"the only thing worth stealing, is a kiss from a sleeping child." -Joe Houldsworth

i love babies. it's something that i have felt for many years. there is a connection, a deep desire, a passion from my soul to care for babies and young children. (teenagers... not so much...) i have found on my angry days, the days when i feel useless, hopeless, and angry at the world and God that being around children, caring for them, calms that restlessness within me.

i picked up a very tired almost 10 months old baby girl this evening at a christmas party. she quickly fell asleep curled up in my lap. i live for moments like this. they place all their trust in you, to protect them while they sleep. they feel safe in your arms.

it is in these moments i feel full, satisfied, completed. these moments i feel could go one forever, repititiously, and never end and i would not feel saddness!

i realized driving home, remembering the feeling of this warm sleeping baby in my lap, my trip to GLA will be filled with theses moments. these moments are the reason i am going. to provide arms the babies feel safe enough in to fall asleep. to be a person who can give the babies the love they need and desire. to laugh with them and comfort them when they fall. to teach them how to read and write or how to feed themselves with a spoon. or hold the bottle for them to fall asleep at night.

a few days ago i was hit with the reality of traveling alone. i began to think about airport layovers and what i would do when i got off the plane in the Haitian airport. i began to feel uneasy almost second guessing whether God really would have this in His plan for me.

and then He gives me nights like tonight. when a baby falls alseep because i'm there to hold them. and all the sudden the long layovers and language barriers don't seem so bad...but just a part of the trip to bring love to babies who need loved. tonight i look forward to being there. my biggest fear is coming home, and not wanting to be back. my second biggest fear is having a desire to move there.

i think i'm going to begin writing my support letters this next week. i do not like to ask people for money. so i'm praying that the money will just come in, that i don't have to beg people. but they would have this placed on their heart as something they want to help with.

your prayers are appreciated greatly (as always)

Merry Christmas!
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