Porn by Clark Tucker
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Clark Tucker
Pornography Paper
Dr. Gillespie

“How many people are proud to be citizens of this beautiful country of ours? The stripes and the stars for the rights of men who have died for to protect? The women and men who have broken their necks for the freedom of speech the United States Government has sworn to uphold…” Those words probably sound familiar to many young people in the United States today. In a world and nation responsible for a large part of all entertainment and music, many Americans are knowledgeable of the rapper, Eminem. Those lyrics are from the first track on his 2002 release, “The Eminem Show,” which drew extensive criticism from many conservative people all across the United States. While rapper Eminem is a far cry from the subject at hand, pornography, the underlying protection behind the rapper’s controversial lyrics and pornography are protected by the same entity, the United States Constitution. But are we really protected by the Constitution as much as we would like to think? Are the individuals we elect really owning up to the oath they have sworn to uphold and allowing us the freedoms they have sworn to protect and defend? Many involved in many entertainment industries are witnessing an attack on the very freedoms we as Americans are given in our blessed Constitution. The issue of pornography is a controversial one but the question remains; Can we truly be a free society, giving people the freedoms to do things that differ from moral stance as defined by social conservatives? Throughout this paper, one will see, two very opposing political minds joining forces to protest the legality and condoning of pornography.
The only way to begin a subject, discussing or presenting a highly controversial topic is to define exactly what that subject at hand really is. “Pornography refers to graphic sexual images that are meant to be sexually arousing.” While the definition of pornography is simplistic, the interpretation of what is and is not sexually arousing is left to that of a moral and personal interpretation, making the determining factor as to what is and isn’t pornography, hard to label. The prime and essential conflict over the issue of pornography is that of a moral and legal dispute. This makes defining a certain image or portrayal of ‘sexually arousing’ media, hard to pin – point as pornographic or not. This legal and moral dispute is a procurement of society or conservative culturing. The history of the United States of America is quiet conservative, though some would beg to differ. The young life of our blessed country is steeped deep in conservative ideology. From abortion, to gay rights, to welfare expenditures, and to the touchy subject of censorship, this country’s leaders and those in power have found themselves on a thin line between governing in a fair way, granting people their God – given rights, while protecting decency and morality, counting for the backbone of our society. It cannot be argued that societies void of morality and decency in a total fashion are successful. This must be governed by someone or some entity and a line has to be drawn somewhere stating what is and is not moral or decent. For example, murder is an illegal act, no matter whom or how it is committed. No matter if someone wants to die and seeks professional help in commencing with their death, our nation has stated and legislated that this act of ending a life is illegal. The question then arises, what if religion or other facets of life, which are protected by our blessed Constitution, are infringed upon in the process of making something illegal? Also, what exactly is murder? Is abortion murder? Is it pregnancy termination solely? Arguments such as this go on daily in our nation. Pornography is loosely tied to this same kind of argument. The legal dispute with pornography is that no act or expression of such an act between two consenting adults should be censored or prohibited in a free society. Such cannot be disagreed with from a wholly, legal perspective. A right granted by God and sworn to not be legislated against by the United States Constitution cannot be taken away from a legal stand - point. From a moral point of view, pornography stabs at the decency and moral fabric comprising our society by divorcing intimacy with sexual behavior, a keen element to conservative definition of sex or sexual behavior. However, the problem is, as our nation’s history shows, morality and decency advocates have always had a hand in legislation and defining exactly what is legal and what is not. For one to divorce the two facets comprising this conflict with the issue of pornography (legality and morality) is utopian, at best.
Boundary disputes also exist when discussing the issue of pornography. Since porn is defined collectively as the portrayal of sexually arousing imagery, these boundary disputes must be given credence to and peered into in a keen and introspective manner. Boundary disputes are disagreements and conflicts over what is and what isn’t sex. What counts as ‘sex’ and what is foreplay? We see these disputes day in and day out with younger kids experimenting sexually. Many students or adolescents, when polled about sexual activity, answer “NO” to many questions asking them about sexual behavior, even though they have been involved in oral sex or anal sex because they do not define those acts as “sex,” which is wholly thought of to be penile/vaginal intercourse. This is the epitome of a boundary dispute. It should also be noted that the act of polling underage individuals is extremely difficult because of certain legal ramifications closely tied to the conservative fabric, knitting our society. Parents and guardians do not want their children asked about sexual involvement. This angst for polling among younger adolescents is an element of the moral dispute against pornography and sexual behavior in general. Like being polled about sexual activity, many people do not admit to using pornography or buying it because they view it differently. Some view nudity as art and NOT pornography. It should also be noted that boundary disputes of all kinds are always of a political nature. Those feminists viewing sex and sexual behavior as patriarchal tend to have a conservative viewpoint of angst against pornography based on the fact that they see it as degrading to women. This is in direct contrast to every other facet of their political views, because aside from this issue, they usually have liberal beliefs. By in large, social conservatives tie intimacy to all sexual behavior, drawing the line against pornography because it devalues sex on a moral level. These social conservatives claim that pornography, however defined and void of all boundary disputes, is harmful to why people have sex; intimacy. Liberals or progressives tend to take a more liberal or relaxed viewpoint on this issue stating that sex can be had between two consenting adults void of any intimacy or love. Henceforth, the portrayal of pornography should not be withdrawn from society and censorship on those publishing porn is a direct infringement on Constitutional rights. No matter how we look at the issue of pornography, it is always steeped in politics, liberal or conservative. The ironic dichotomy here is that two opposing political sides, social conservatives and feminists both agree on the issue of pornography; it is bad for society. While both parties agree on its derogatory nature, they both differ in their reasons by their angst toward this element of free speech/press. Social conservatives are against it because of the moral threat porn poses to their ideology and society as a whole and feminists are against it because porn devalues the woman, regardless of consent or not, because sex is patriarchal by nature.
The issue of pornography is viewed by everyone from some point of view, regardless of where they are from or where they are in life, in regards to social status or class. As stated above, conservatives are adamantly against pornography because it stabs at the moral fabric in our society that they see sex related to. Liberals usually are more opened minded and condone the establishment of pornographic studios and porn as a whole based on their wide interpretation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Perhaps this is what makes our nation great. The reality that two opposing political minds can both support the bedrock of our freedoms as granted by God and protected by our Government. However, this paper is steeped in ironic dichotomy because of the way feminists view the issue of pornography and the way they view every other topic of political nature. Feminists usually have very liberal beliefs, politically speaking, but agreement and align themselves with social conservatives on the issue of pornography.
Feminism is very controversial topic that different people have different thoughts on. However, an overall definition of feminism can be stated as the ‘discovery’ that females are not valued or treated the same as men are in the society we live in. Women are paid lower wages than men are that perform the exact same job. Female labor or work is not as respected or valued in equivalence to that of men’s. From this ideology, in the late 1980’s, a feminist voice arose from many like – minded women and men who sought to equal the playing field in regards to gender. There are many different types of feminists but three basic categories exist for those adhering to the feminist ideology: Liberal Feminism, Socialist/Marxist Feminism, and Radical Feminism. Liberal Feminists have a mild view of gender inequality steeped in the ideology of men and women not being treated the same in regards to roles played in society such as work. They view pornography as being demeaning to women because they feel pornography portrays women as the property of men. Socialist/Marxist Feminists view pornography from a socio – economic standpoint, steeped in social class injustices. They believe that society as a whole is patriarchal and that women are at a disadvantage to men because of the way society is outlined with men being the ‘head of the household,” the one to “bring home the bacon,” etc. The disagree with pornography and it’s influx and success in society because they believe that it stretches the gap of equality between men and women. Radical Feminists view sex, by nature, as patriarchal and think that sex, in and of itself, it’s demeaning to women. They believe that the act of penile/vaginal sex is ‘sexist.’ All three categories of Feminists have ways or means they would change the injustices they perceive commencing daily in our society. Liberal Feminists would seek to level the playing field in regards to work and the pay of men and women. They seek to see to it that both sexes are treated the same for the work they do and that gender roles are meshed into one. Socialist/Marxist Feminists advocate a class restructuring in order to alleviate the gender and social injustices existing between men and women. And lastly, Radical Feminists advocate an entire reclassifying of sex in society. They are opposed to natural sex because they view it as patriarchal and that the act itself is a facet of the subjugation of women, as a whole. They advocate that women should be artificially inseminated as a means of procreating. This class of Feminism is very small and very few partake in this ideology of Radical Feminism.
Two very prominent feminists, Catherine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin drafted legislation to give women the right to sue those distributing porn on the basis that pornography is the procurement of gender discrimination. This was shot down and refuted promptly. They sought to allow women to file these lawsuits to seek compensatory damages for porn that was blatantly demeaning and violent. The courts ruled against MacKinnon and Dworkin on the grounds of upholding the First Amendment. This is a very interesting topic because of what is at hand; government intervention into something that is very personal. If we allow the government to intervene and ban or outlaw pornography based on a moral basis or even a gender discrimination boundary, the risk for other facets of our lives relative to our freedoms can be governed as well, such as political party ties. Individuals must be careful when demanding more government intervention into personal aspects of peoples’ lives. For if the government is given every right to come into our personal lives, they can touch into other areas threatening to bedrock of what makes us a free people. Censorship is extremely threatening to what makes this country free. While the tie between our freedom and the act of the government censoring certain things is loose, the domino effect following the relinquishing of personal freedoms or the right of free press, speech, etc, can be greatly reduced if these freedoms are not upheld.
The feminist critique of pornography is three – fold. Feminists assert that there is a relation between pornography, its immaculate success/demand, and availability, to females being the victims of domestic violence. “Porn = Theory. Rape = Action.” This is a far cry, however the three – fold critique feminists list for the basis of their digression against pornography is logical and noteworthy. Feminists see pornography as the means of portraying the main reason they do not support pornography; porn subliminally asserts that women are sex objects and property of men whom enjoy giving men pleasure or servicing them in whatever way they (men) choose. Some radical feminists would assert that pornography portrays women as gluttons for “sexual punishment or rape.” Secondly, while the main cause for violence against women may not be directly related to pornography and its success, it reassures the role of males being dominant over women in sex and other facets of life. Feminists are right in their regression to pornography on this reason. Women are submissive to men, by in large, in many roles in life, whether they admit it or not. The act of sex, in and of itself, is a patriarchal act. That is ingrained in the nature of sex. The essence of penile/vaginal intercourse at the core of the act is male dominance. If one peers into sexuality in the animal kingdom, the male ‘fucks’ the female. This is expounded upon in humanistic sex. Men are overtly seen as the ‘doers’ in the act of penile/vaginal intercourse. An introspective view at any porn film indicates the male being the dominating figure in the act. Women, in those films, whether staged or not, always beg the male to ‘do her’ or to ‘fuck me.’ If we look at the actual role of the female in any sex position, it is more aligned with being stationary than that of the male’s role, which encompasses more motion, action, and movement. Thirdly, feminists view pornography as a portrayal of male sexual fantasy and not the woman’s true desire. All of these reasons are noteworthy and worth peering into if one seeks to attain a better understanding of how feminism views pornography, collectively.
While there are many feminists that oppose pornography and its influx in our society, there are also feminists that are against the censorship of porn. In the 1980’s, at the time of Catherine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin’s drafted legislation aimed at the pursuit of the right for women to be able to sue porn distributors because of compensatory damages, there were two groups that opposed their drafted legislation. The Feminist Anti – Censorship Taskforce and the Women’s Legal Defense Fund, along with countless other feminists, argued against MacKinnon and Dworkin based on the fact that “the current interest in suppression of porn forms part of a larger agenda to reverse recent feminist gains through a moral crusade against abortion, lesbian and gay rights, contraceptive education and services, and women’s fragile economic achievements.” They also felt that sex was a source of power and pleasure for women. This is particularly interesting. What many feminists, aside from the ones just mentioned above, fail to realize is that sex is a huge power source for women. There is an age – old saying, “When a man goes out at night, he hopes he gets laid. When a women goes out, she already knows.” This is comical but at the same time, very true. A woman can decide when she wants to have sex or when she does not want to. Henceforth, in many ways, the female all of a sudden can be the power figure in when sex is going to commence. The Feminist Anti – Censorship Taskforce and the Women’s Legal Defense Fund both see this and declined to support MacKinnon and Dworkin because of it.
As the feminist critique of pornography was three – fold, so are the problems with it. According to the text by Seidman, the main problem with pornography is that it is steeped in gender inequality. The issues with graphic imagery, etc, are not the main concern. While this is a very liberal view on the issue, his belief is widely accepted as fact with many feminists and non – feminists alike. Seidman also moves along to say that the reason women partake in pornographic material is because of their lack of ability to make money in other facts of work. He also goes on to say that it is not just a socio – economic problem but a cultural one. Women are judged by their attractiveness and as a response to that reality, they are viewed as not as smart and thoughtful as men are. Seidman makes a solid point when he states that women are judged by their attractiveness. Women have always been judged by what they can do for a man, whether it be bearing him children, attractiveness, sexual fantasy, etc. I disagree with him when he states that women have fewer options in life to get a job that is comparable to that of a male. With the various affirmative action policies in action, Title IX statutes for collegiate athletics, etc, women are able to be hired at astronomically higher rates than that of a man. Police Departments today are hiring women at higher rates than women to level the balance of male and female officers. Seidman oversteps his boundaries when he makes claims that women are forced into porn or go there because they don’t have other options. They may go to the streets and become prostitutes but not engage in the porn industry. The liberal explanation Seidman gives here is futile. The fact IS that women get into the porn industry because there is an astronomical demand for quality porn and there is an immaculate sum of money to be made in this field of work. THAT is why women get into it. Thirdly, Seidman states that the majority of all porn is made by males (produced by males) for men and not for women. This is factual. He is right on queue here. While Seidman introduces some food for thought with his three – fold reasoning behind the problems with pornography, his reasons are very politically biased and one of them is just off the map (the claim women get into the porn industry because they cant find other work).
Pornography is an extremely gray subject matter, metaphorically speaking. The political sides that agree with its legality, those who disagree with it, the censorship of this type of photography, etc, are all highly debatable. However, I believe that there is another phenomenon lurking silently beneath the façade of the porn debate. Should it be legal or should it be regulated and governed? Is it right? Is it unfair to women? All of these are questions of armchair liberals and conservatives nation – wide. The fact is this… The government has NO place in coming into the lives of people engaging in consensual sexual behavior that are of legal age.

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New Gun
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today at work I traded a few guns in for a bad ass new smith and wesson revolver. i got the smith and wesson 360PD snub nose 5 shot revolver, chambered for the VERY POWERFUL .357 magnum round!!! This round is amazing! it can kill a grizzly bear. i rest my case.

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Elite 8 game tonite
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The Tennessee/OSU game turned out terrible for me. Being a Tennessee native, I am a die-hard VOLUNTEER in every since of the word and was raised to love and support the Tennessee Vols in every sport, so anytime we lose a tight game, or any game for that matter, it kills me. Some people dont get into sports and thats fine I guess, but for me, losing is just horrible. We led tonight and were kicking the buckeyes' asses all first half and then we royally blew a 20 point lead and got beat by ONE POINT, 84-85. Smith drove in and jacked up some rocked up shot when he should've looked for Lofton. We hit 6 of 8 3's starting out and Lofton was flawless, or damn near it. Just a sad way to end the night. So, I cracked open a few beers and just decided to mellow out, update the blog and here soon, call it a night.

This weekend, NASCAR fans, is the Bristol race. This is the second most sought after ticket in the sport, behind Daytona. I am working it as I do every year with our ROTC battalion. We work security in the suites and in the elevators making sure everything is 10-4. Only thing that sucks is that we are there literally from 8am to midnight. Talk about a 16 hour day or whatever, its long to say the least. Tons of hot ladies usually attend, and everyone drinks Tennessee-made moonshine. Its a spectacle if you have never been. I am hoping I can actually get to see some of it if I get placed in a suite. Elevator duty blows. I am hoping to get to the range here sometime tomorrow and shoot a few of my revolvers and glocks. Hadnt been in a few weeks and I need to get out and pour some lead down range. Everyone have a great night and rest in somber sleep over Tennessee's loss to the team I hate more than anyone, Ohio State. angry.gif

Oh yea, found this online. THIS my friends is what makes growing up in the SOUTH great!!! God bless the United States of America.

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today has been a great day. i had fun last night wink.gif and today i went to eat and work out with stamey. then i went to mr kays and got some good new cds. i found this killer band called IllBreak. the record was produced by chris henderson of 3 doors down. fantastic record. i had never heard of them before. i also went riding with mcfall on this killer route he found. worked out hard today. biceps, triceps, deltoids, legs, and some pull ups were what i did today. i am very tired from the workout, as you can imagine. tonite the vols play and i cant wait to watch them. ran into kim the other day, it was good to see her. i hadnt seen her in a long time. she is doing very well. uh, i gained 7 pounds in the past 2 weeks. my bench press is at 200 pounds. i am doing better than i have in a long time. i feel free. the other day i was thinking back on something. when i look back at all the things i have been through in my life, i used to always say damn them or regret them, but now i just say i am better for them all happening to me. in those instances when i was wronged, i know i was in the right or did all i could, and things didnt work out in my best interest. its because i have that resonance, i cant move on with my life and know things are going to be 10-4 for ever and ever. i am so excited about this summer and moving to knoxville. me and beav are moving in since ray backed out on me. things are going to be SOOOOO CRAZY. i just cant wait. i ship out for Fort Knox on June 15 and will be there until July 13th. i will be on base during the 4th of July this year. i cant wait to learn more about how to be a stronger soldier and learn more about being the leader i was born to be.
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New picture
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new picture from the other night at Moody's house party.

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