Elite 8 game tonite
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I am: livid
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The Tennessee/OSU game turned out terrible for me. Being a Tennessee native, I am a die-hard VOLUNTEER in every since of the word and was raised to love and support the Tennessee Vols in every sport, so anytime we lose a tight game, or any game for that matter, it kills me. Some people dont get into sports and thats fine I guess, but for me, losing is just horrible. We led tonight and were kicking the buckeyes' asses all first half and then we royally blew a 20 point lead and got beat by ONE POINT, 84-85. Smith drove in and jacked up some rocked up shot when he should've looked for Lofton. We hit 6 of 8 3's starting out and Lofton was flawless, or damn near it. Just a sad way to end the night. So, I cracked open a few beers and just decided to mellow out, update the blog and here soon, call it a night.

This weekend, NASCAR fans, is the Bristol race. This is the second most sought after ticket in the sport, behind Daytona. I am working it as I do every year with our ROTC battalion. We work security in the suites and in the elevators making sure everything is 10-4. Only thing that sucks is that we are there literally from 8am to midnight. Talk about a 16 hour day or whatever, its long to say the least. Tons of hot ladies usually attend, and everyone drinks Tennessee-made moonshine. Its a spectacle if you have never been. I am hoping I can actually get to see some of it if I get placed in a suite. Elevator duty blows. I am hoping to get to the range here sometime tomorrow and shoot a few of my revolvers and glocks. Hadnt been in a few weeks and I need to get out and pour some lead down range. Everyone have a great night and rest in somber sleep over Tennessee's loss to the team I hate more than anyone, Ohio State. angry.gif

Oh yea, found this online. THIS my friends is what makes growing up in the SOUTH great!!! God bless the United States of America.

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