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michael_10 start - Subscribe
hi my name is michael_10 i just wanted to tell everyone hi and thanks for adding to to the blog. i'm really happy that i get to blog my commets and and i think about everyday life. i'am really right now at this moment trying to make my own movie and autobiography about my self the movie is not about me it is about love being a fairy tale .

well thank for any commets i get back from you guys . (and girls!)
Mood: happy

michael_10 11-14-2010 Nov 14th, 2010 12:25:12 pm - Subscribe
well today i'm not going to work on my autobiography or movie. i have been working on both for the last 4 months but when i get finished with them i have to send them out to see if they are good enough to be put on to a set and made into to DVD'S and sold at stores . the book will have to go to a pub. to get pulished if it is good and well. the book will have over 30 chapters in it. i'm writing it my friend is typeing it then we will send it away.

well thats it for now see ya!
Mood: over worked

michael_10 not on today Nov 17th, 2010 4:18:53 pm - Subscribe
not on today
Mood: not here

michael_10 christmas Nov 18th, 2010 12:57:29 pm - Subscribe
got all my shopping done and everything wraped . seems kind of point less what the meaning of christmas to american. cause i don't know .
Mood: has no clue

michael_10 what with all the hate Nov 22nd, 2010 2:27:45 pm - Subscribe
you know what shold would love to know what is up with all this hate people always discrimnate in this world we live we killin in where's the love. nature things happing every day world being being destoried no one don't even cares . nations dropin bombs. what's this world comein to anymore we need to all start actin like a nation one nation under god. not worry about what color people are or sex or what they can date. and comein together as one nation.
Mood: confused