the new 'nothing'
Date: Mar 11th, 2006 5:33:45 am - Subscribe
Mood: loopy

as in in answer to the question 'whats up' or 'what have you being doing' or any other similar thing

last few days of school durring lunchtime i would consider what we've being doing as a different kind of nothing

thursday i discovered the beuty of the sky

just pure blue, no clouds at all.

For at least half an hour of lunch, then pretty much all of my 75min spare after lunch i just lay out on the side of the oval in the shade (but not actually underneath) some tree, starring at the sky.

it was really really blue and the fact that there was nothing else in the sky made it all weird and hard to tell weather it was close up or far away

also did that for quite abit of fridays lunch too

tis on holidays now, unfortrunetly holidays to my teachers seems to be just an excuse to give us a bunch of homework. (as in i have homework for every single subject )

fortrunetly i did most of the maths today, but i just looked at the sheet our chem teacher gave us (tis like a checklist of crap we have to do) and ive come to the conclusion that chem teachers suck.

thats right, pretty soon it'll be on the news and everything "Chem teachers suck"

anywho, cheerio
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annoyed/pissed off (and not for the first time)
Date: Mar 7th, 2006 1:48:50 am - Subscribe

Today started with bio

we had a sub, we also have a test tommorrow and consequently no one ended up actually doing any revision.

then i had chinese.

in chinese did this listening exercise.

I totally sucked

after chinese i managed to get really worried that i was gonna fail chinese coz i suck at listening.

Chinese is the only subject that i actually work for. Maths, english, or whatever else i just cruise and dont honestly care. Chinese is something that ive found ive actually always had to work for. With chinese i actually do the thing where teachers say just cause they havent given you homework doesnt mean you cant revise or whatever. Hell i frekin sit in my room by myself, just sitting there and reading outloud just to try and get the dam pronouciation right.

And having done all that work, todays listening exersice (it wasnt even a test or anything, though we do have a listening test later this week) really fucked me up. I actually felt like i had tryed as hard as i could and i had failed. (for people that havent felt this - it is not very good. For people that have - yeah...tis not fun ey?)

This then had me wandering around in my spare, just walking aimlessly and not talking to anyone coz i was that messed up that i thought i would cry if i tryed talking about it.

This turned out to be just a stupid panic attack on my behalf. Durring my spare i ended up doing what my chinese teacher had sort of being hinting at me to do and just went and found some chinese dudes/exchange guys and asked for help.

Thanks christ i did, (twas quite fortrunete that i sort of knew one of them coz im in the international band (which is sort of weird...since i was born here)) those guys were actually like cool and willing to be helpful. I donno weather talking to them actually helped me but it made me feel better anyway.

so anyway, then i wasnt chucking a spaz over chinese.

durring my spaz however i ran into Emma, who was apparently very unhappy with how our talk ended yesterday (what the hell? yesterdays 'talk' didnt frekin go anywhere and just made things weirder) . Anywho, durring my spaz she actually tried to comfort me, but being a total dick i ended up just walking off, in search of anything.

So then when i was non-moody i found her, cept now she was all unhappy because apparently she felt like 'giving up' (which is what she said yesterday. To date, i still have no idea what we were trying to do or what we are giving up :S) and things just werent pleasent.

then i had english, i have a talk in either 2 or 3 days (our teachers a bitch and wont tell us the order of which groups going when) on a subject our whole group collectivly has only managed to take down 2 pages of notes worth. We apparenlty have to make a powerpoint as well, using different information then what we've written.

then accouting, had a SAC (big offical test thing) easy

Then maths - first time i have ever left a page on a maths test completely blank. And when you consider there were only like 4 sides...thats quite a bit of the test. So yeah, did shit on that, which is not good cos this year i really did want to be getting at least 90's in maths, biology and accouting to get a decent ENTER score

then i had soul band...the problem with sould band is if MRS Robbee isnt actually there, we just dont get anything done.

then i got like 5 to 6

I have a proper bio test tommorrow, and probably some other crap that ive forgotten but instead of revising im sitting here typing htis thing while burning some chinese CD thing which should apparently help my hearing.

i tried calling Emma, apparently her phone wasnt on ...that or she turned it off when she saw who was calling.

tis really annoying me,
because i didnt think that last week was that bad. Then i got a text (which was apparently sent early last week, i just didnt get it till saturday) which didnt lead anywhere good when i replied, and now the only thing we can talk about is 'us' and how im (so far im pretty sure, thats its just being me whos being referred to as awkward, that kind of ticks me off too) always awkward around her and how we can never go to know each other.

My rebuttle to this:
what the fuck? how are we meant to frekin get to know each other if all you ever wanna talk about is how I'M so awkward and cant talk to you?

if anyones bothered to read thus far, yeah i probably sound like a hypocrite cos i didnt wanna talk to her earlier, but fuck i didnt wanna talk to anyone at all earlier, i wanted to just go home sit in my room and never leave earlier.

And then when i asked her about it she just threw a 'talk to horner about it' at me, which pisses me off, because i dont really talk to horner much at all.

in summary

pissed off
but at least now my rant is over

and yeah, i probably have contradictaed myself somewhere in there and probably just sound like a dick head but far out, i really dont need this shit and had to get it out of me somehow
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well that was fun
Date: Dec 3rd, 2005 7:57:57 am - Subscribe
Listening to: thrice

see kids, you dont need alcahol to have fun.

You just need a in ground trampoline and a bucket of maltesers happy.gif

went to a party (which is not that common for me) for the first few hours twas just sitting around laughing like an idiot/ talking.

By 11:30 we discovered the joy of the trampoline....those things are awsome

Managed to get myself a natural high to the point that greason asked me several times how much i had had to drink to which i responded 'nothin', which he didnt beleive (I dont drink)

in other news

Celebration thing was awsome
performing to like 1000+ people on a big ass stage is also awsome

tis now in my houses band (the red one) for house music
with exams and the celebration though, no one really had time to be ogranising anything and now we have like 5 days left to get down as many easyish, yet good sounding songs, that lots of people know

currently all we've got down is 'on my mind' which is a powder finger song. At first i was against it coz from memory i thought it was a pretty borring song, but its actually got a few nice little riffy/leady bits to it.

one week o school left...

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music that makes you just wanna break shit
Date: Nov 30th, 2005 3:58:53 am - Subscribe

Hook, line and sinker - Refused

the riff that comes up a bunch in the second half of that song...killer

This whole week so far i would describe as a suckfest

ive pretty just gone to school from 8 to 6 for rehersals in which i dont seem to do anything and the rythm section is clearly the least important

also quite hot, which seems to be draining the energy

Results (from exams)
Accounting - A
Maths - think i just managed an A
Englsih - B +
Chinese - B
Histroy - A
PE - A
Science - B+ (one percent away from an A)
Rec Tech - B

....not happy
(not with results i mean, just not happy in general right now. as i said earlier, total suckfest)

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everything sucks compared to yesterday
Date: Nov 20th, 2005 11:56:32 pm - Subscribe

tis bored,

had an english exam...I'll be happy if i get a b

felt kind of weird before the exam, when i got to school

didnt feel like talking to anyone in paticular

compared to yesterday everything just seems dull and borring

went to another show.

first band (exit wounds) were pretty sweet, they were like metally/hardcore with heaps of cool solos and tapping (tapping is the shit!)

then the next two (which arent even worth mentioning) we were just hanging around for an hour

then Behind Crimson Eyes came out.
Crowd went nuts.

an hour goes by really quickly in a mosh

its such a cool feeling, to just be screaming, knocking into other kids and shit

lol, i got kicked in the head twice by crowd surfers

and now today, with those memories still quite visible in my head, everything seems borring


well, twould be nice to just be able to talk to her again.
maybe its just the exams but um...we havent really talked at all since last tuesday.

kind of sucks


tomorrow was meant to be my only day off school (as in, i have no exams) cept cause of the dammed rehersals i have to show up for like 2 hours anyway

o yeah, for some reason last firday i took my science book home instead of my history and chinese books. which is weird/dumb cause i did my sceince exam on friday and now i have one day to revise a bunch of chinese and history.

yeah.....stuff sucks

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