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Rory McIlroy was a 'true champion'

It encapsulated the generosity of spirit which the Ulsterman, though shell-shocked, had managed to summon in adversity. Recalling that moment yesterday, Schwartzel paid tribute to his 21 year-old International Sports Management stablemate, making it clear that he had had to be persuaded to pose for the camera. “It was unbelievable,” the Masters champion said. “That was literally the day after. He must have been so down and yet he actually asked me to put the jacket on for a picture. “Obviously I have brought it out here to Malaysia, but I didn’t want to push it in his face so I sort of got on the plane, put it away and he said ‘No, let’s take a picture’. That shows you what sort of a person he is.” Schwartzel could hardly move on the driving range at Kuala Lumpur’s opulent Golf and Country Club yesterday for fellow professionals coming up to congratulate him. Yes, bitter. Exactly. And yet he was happy for me. We spoke randomly — not about Sunday although he told me about the tenth hole; he said he’d never seen anyone hit the ball that far left before! And I just think that is the sign of a real, true champion. This is why I don’t think it will affect him. He will win a few majors, no question.” Schwartzel added that he thought it would be easier for McIlroy to win his first major coming from the pack, as he did, rather than leading from the front, although he was politely insistent that it was a case of him winning last week’s tournament rather than McIlory throwing it away. “End of the day, he didn’t play very well but even if he shot level par, I shot 66 — it wasn’t like I shot 74 and won the tournament — so I don’t think that he can feel that he lost it because I lucked into it.”
It would be a huge shame were Schwartzel’s triumph to be remembered for McIlroy’s collapse, for there is no doubt the 26 year-old fully deserved his triumph. He said it had not got close to sinking in yet. “Right now I don’t know if it’s morning or night,” he said. “Maybe next week when I’m at home I’ll watch the highlights. I’m taking three weeks off.” Home, now famously, is the chicken farm outside Johannesburg where father George, who coached Charl from an early age, and mother Lizette are preparing a homecoming braai.

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mihe Seve Ballesteros's dream was for the Ryder Cup to be played in Madrid May 16th, 2011 9:05:11 pm - Subscribe
Seve Ballesteros's dream was for the Ryder Cup to be played in Madrid

A tearful Baldomero invoked the legend of El Cid, the 11th century nobleman who, having been strapped to his warhorse following his death in battle and placed at the front of his troops, was supposed to have inspired them to one final victory. He said: “I wish that, like El Cid, Seve wins the last battle after his death. It would be the greatest
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mihe Tiger Woods creating golf identity of her own May 18th, 2011 5:21:27 am - Subscribe
Tiger Woods creating golf identity of her own

Cheyenne doesn't remember, but she knows all about the family lore. Her mother, Susan, recalls how Earl Woods Sr. — beguiled by her swing — found a shorter club and showed his granddaughter just how to grip it."He saw something in her," Susan says.Earl Sr. didn't coach Cheyenne, as he did Tiger, but he bought her clubs of her own by the time she was 6 and set her up with a coach in Arizona, who would send tapes of her swing to the doting grandfather in California.Today Cheyenne is 20, a junior at Wake Forest who will compete in this week's NCAA championships in Bryan, Golf Swing Basics Tips to a Lower Score Texas.She is ranked 23rd by Golfweek, a long shot to win the women's individual title the way Tiger won the men's for Stanford in 1996. But when Cheyenne won the Atlantic Coast Conference championship last month, she immediately thought of her grandfather, who died in 2006."He would be very proud," she says, "of how far I've come."
Tiger tweeted his delight: My niece, Cheyenne, just won the ACC golf title by 7 shots! That's awesome, I'm so proud of her.Today, Cheyenne does her best to strike a middle ground: She is proud of her famous uncle but eager to own an identity apart from a man she does not really know all that well."We talk a little bit here and there," she says. "He's busy. I'm busy. We have our two separate lives."They have played together, though not often. "Obviously, I'd love to play with her more," Tiger says. "It has been fun to watch her. I have watched her on film, and it's been amazing to see her progression over time."Tiger's face lights up as he talks about her while walking to his car after practice before last week's Players Championship— from which he would bow out early with a knee injury.
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