Leaving Aeonity
Date: Jul 15th, 2006 12:06:47 am - Subscribe
Mood: itchy

In the efforts of finding a blog that is more suited to my needs, I'm moving away from Aeonity.

You can now find me at my new-look blog
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TUI... (Typing Under The Influence) AGAIN!
Date: Jul 7th, 2006 8:58:33 am - Subscribe
Mood: excited
What I'm hearing:: Right Here In My Arms - HIM

Why do I always seem to remember I need to update my blog when I've had a couple? I'm currently on bundy number 2. grin.gif

I am currently typing 19 to the dozen ( I really don't get that statement, but it means a lot!) to Nathan, who isn't even replying, I'm just chatty right now. He's also the only one talking to me.

In other news, it appears I may have gotten a job. I had a second-round interview for a call centre on Tuesday, and they said they'd call by Close of Business on Wed evening. No call on my mobile. (and even though they had the wrong mobile number, I had ensured they had the correct one) thus, Wed evening I was feeling a bit miserable and a little surprised, being as I felt pretty confident about the whole interview.

Tonight, I am told... AFTER business hours they called the home phone on Wed and left a message for me. I listened to said message, and it means I may actually have a job! (yn)... which won't work in this, because (yn) is the symbol for fingers crossed in MSN.

So yay for that! I could so use some decent cash right now. Everything is just too expensive to consider really.

I had another singing lesson on Tuesday, and Daniel has given me "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones, which makes me happy. I love that song, and jazzy stuff just makes me right at home. Apparently Pa (my grandad) used to play Jazz for me when I was very small, which would explain my natural comfort in Jazz & blues

Anyhows, I'm finding typing entirely too hard so I'm off, and will let you know what happens when I call them back!

Love yas!

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A retraction to my last entry
Date: Jun 28th, 2006 10:28:15 am - Subscribe
Mood: sappy
What I'm hearing:: Should've Listened - Nickelback

Ok, not going to bed just yet. Also decided not to make the last blog private. Only others with aeonity accounts can see it, and only Fungus has one.

Speaking of Fungus, he's not as lousy and horrible as I made out. Here's why.

1) He loves me and I am the first girl he has ever really loved.

2) He accepts me as me. He's never asked me to change anything about me.

3) He's caring. From heating my heat pack when my neck hurts, to holding my hair back when I vomit (I had gastro people... nothing else) he's always looking after me.

4) Just one look from him can make me feel like the only girl in the whole world.

5) He's beautiful. He's got beautiful blue-grey eyes, and a gorgeous smile. The rest of him isn't bad either.

6) He's always so gentle. But never gentle enough to make me feel smothered or too babied.

7) He's funny. He provides endless laughter for me, even if it is AT him at times.

8 ) He likes music. This is a very important factor people. Better yet, he likes most of my music, and has introduced me to heaps of other great music I'd never heard before.

9) He's warm. There's nothing like his cuddles.

10) He has the best kisses in the world. I like to call them lovely kisses. Not too wet, not too dry.

11) He snuggles me in bed, even when he doesn't like sleeping on his right, where I lie.

12) He snuggles me in the morning, so I always wake up in his arms.

13) He's generous. He's taken me out for dinner, even though he couldn't really afford it.

14) He's thoughtful. He knows just what would make me happy, even if it's only little.

15) He always wants to know how my day has gone, and is genuinely interested.

16) He knows how to deal with me when I cry. Not many people can do that. I will kill the next person who says "it's ok" or "don't cry"

17) He calls me his. I love being his.

18 ) He wants to marry me one day. I couldn't imagine life without him.

19) He's proud to introduce me to his friends and family. Even if I'm not religious.

20) He has a million little nicknames for me.

21) He puts up with my little nicknames for him. Even Possum, Chook and Buggerbrains. Even infront of his friends.

22) He teaches me. I don't know a lot about music, or cars, or computers. And still he is patient and explains.

23) He doesn't make me feel stupid. Even if I don't know much about the topic.

24) He puts up with me and my mood swings. I can be horrible at times.

There are a million other reasons why I love him. From the backrubs and head massages to the driving me to the hospital at 4am when I was sick, but the most important reason by far:

25) He's my Fungus and I love him.

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An almost serious update
Date: Jun 28th, 2006 10:11:24 am - Subscribe
Mood: scattered
What I'm hearing:: Rockstar - Nickelback

And again, I'm late in my "weekly" update. At least I think I'm late. Still, these updates are more frequent than usual.

I'm still doing this horrible jobsearch thing, which I have to do to keep getting paid. I applied for 8 jobs today so I am quite proud of myself.

I also had an interview for a call centre on Tuesday. I wasn't brilliant, but I was better than some of the others. And as Nath says: To escape the fiery dragon, one does not need to run as fast as one on horseback, one must simply run faster than the dwarf Or something like that anyway. I have no idea where he got that from. Also there was somethign slightly 'ick' feeling about the call centre. Just put me off and made me feel uneasy. Like the job interview in 04 when I was sick and the guy reminded me of my friend's abusive stepdad.

I am hoping to get anything that doesn't involve too much travel and I don't haev to dress too nice for. I also want decent-ish pay. Which isn't too hard. Call Centre pay is $15-$20 p/h as a rule.

I have also decided it's time I got my Learner's. As of 2007 they're bringing new rules and shit in, and I don't want that crap. As it is I will have to have my P's for 4 years unless I can get my L's and then my P's before 2007. Which... means I would have to get my L's tomorrow and my P's in December. Not likely.

The Iris boys have set a date and time for their next LAN, so if you're gamer in the Melbourne area, check it out!

Onto my actual inspiration for blogging, I can't believe I never mentioned it before. My littlest bro is in all kinds of shit. Multiple charges of car theft, riding in stolen cars, breaking & entering, vandalism, and arson. Some of it sounds a bit harsh, he wasn't actually the one who lit the fire, but he was there. Not sure how they're sticking him with arson on that one, but anyway. He has also broken his bail conditions 3 or 4 times, and lied to the police, and thus is being held in remand until his trail late July.

At this place there is an automatic allowed visitors list. Other people can be added or whatever, but the list is mum, dad, my other bro and me. Anyways, mum went in and saw him, she says he's doing ok, but she's hinting she wants ME to go visit. We haven't gotten on since he was like 3. Not to mention he doesn't really like me that much or listen to me either. Why would I want to go?

Not to mention the fact that the place is actually a juvenile prison. I don't really fancy that either. At the same time, mum seems to think he'd like it, and I think she'd like it if I went... maybe I'll go in with her this weekend or something. Wait no $$. Damn centrelink cheques being so tiny.

Grr... that reminds me. Ryan is still out of work too. Which, ya know, that happens. I've been out of work longer than him. But I went on Centrelink about a month after. And he was still working then. He won't go on Centrelink, and truth be told is not trying THAT hard to get a job. I mean he's looking, but he is being picky, and only occasionally getting work from his dad. At least he was earning more when he was supporting me. It's getting fucking hard.

I just wish he'd at least go on Centrelink for a bit, that way it wouldn't be so shit. Especially with the car rego due soon, the gearbox/clutch going, it needing a service and new tyres. I can't fund all of that. Not to mention we have't paid Julia rent in months.

I know Centrelink sucks. I'm on it for fucksake and giving up half my days for their silly jobsearch bullshit just to keep getting paid. I know it sucks, and they have too many forms and too much stuffing around. But at least it's SOMETHING. We can't keep surviving on just over $300 a fortnight.

Ironically enough when Fungus was working (for about twice what I get now) and I wasn't on Centrelink, EVERYONE was pressuring me to go back with Centrelink, even though I really didn't want to for the same reasons he doesn't. All he has to do is say "I don't want to" and everyone shuts up. Why the double standards people? Is it not as hard on me to be the sole income as it was on Ryan? Isn't it doing the same things to me as it was to Ryan? Goddamit!

For chrissakes I'm earning less. More shit needs to be paid for and soon than it did a few months ago too.

Anyways I'm just bitching now. I think I need to remind Ryan of some of this stuff. I know he doesn't often read my blog, and besides it would be mean for him to read it here without me telling him. Hmm... thinking I might make this one private... A lil too personal really.

Hmm... anyways I'm off to bed.

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More Things I Have Learned
Date: Jun 18th, 2006 11:55:08 am - Subscribe
Mood: braindead
What I'm hearing:: nothing... fungus has headphones for a change!

I have learned....

Never sit on the toilet with your bag still on your shoulder. Especially when the straps make the bag hang at your butt level. You will sit on the bag instead of the toilet seat, lose your balance and fall off.

Never google Disney Porn and then find you're so curious about Jasmine and Ariel getting it on you have to go to the site to find out more. You will get some stupid spyware and have to reload windows to get rid of it.

Never fall asleep on someone else's bed. No matter how tired or drunk you are, or if the bed is a matress on your bedroom floor, and the person whose bed it is is currently awake and occupying your bed. They will be mean and poke you in the head until you move when they want sleep.

Never keep two mice in a cage who fight all the time, even if it is funny to watch one try and have gay sex with the other. The amorous mouse will eventually get the shit kicked out of him.*

I have also learned:

Tequila is yummy, particularly with Lemonade. Would be great with a twist of lime too.

Go prepared to Redrum gigs so that when people love the boys so much they want to Download Thier Original Songs you don't have to give the URL out on crappy peices of paper torn off the used song lists.

Always check your HTML code before posting. I have and turns out I would have had to fix it. Thankyou to the poster a while ago who told me the correct code!

1/4 to 3 in the morning is a bad time to write a blog. Your brain will be too tired to function correctly and you will find you have lapses in brain activity where you stare and the computer screen aimlessly.

Well... at least I learned some useful things this week! happy.gif

Miranda xoxo

*Lars was bitten a few times on his front legs and back. He looked to have quite a lot of blood on his fur, but when i was holding him nothing seemed to be too sore or still bleeding. He is recovering in a separate cage and seems to be his usual cheeky self. Dimebag is uninjured and seems relieved not to have to constantly defend himself from Lars' advances.

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