Weekly Update
Date: Jun 16th, 2006 8:15:15 am - Subscribe
Mood: Chillin
What I'm hearing:: Jay n Fungus discussing some racing game

Well... so far I've already forgotten to update in time. Only by one day ago admittedly, but even still... this is why I don't make New Year's Resolutions.

Truth be told, I looked at it a couple of days ago, and really had nothing to say, but seeing as I had a little while to spare, I decided to wait.

What's new?

I reloaded WinXP into my comp. Finally got rid of the spyware... that's what you get for googling Disney Porn, it now runs beautifully. I have half a mind to call the computer Alice. I don't know why, but every comp mum has had was named, and I feel I should name my computer. Alice, Ella or Elsie or something like that. Actually... not Ella, that was one of my mice.

I want to get some girl mice too, and put them in the other cage, named Violet and Sasha. I don't know why, but it suits them. Which is odd seeing as I haven't even met these mice. I like to name things in case you hadn't noticed.

I've finally decided on the design for my tattoo. It's a Southern Cross on my ankle, which I've probably said before, but have never got around to getting. Now Ryan has photshopped on the design and I can see it better than my wobbly drawings on, and I LOVE IT manies!

Tomorrow I'm going shopping with mum, she needs to pick up her new glasses, and I want to try and convince her she needs a new mobile. Hers cuts out after a few seconds. the last time she called me we spoke for 39 seconds... in two calls. A phone like mine Nokia 1110, is like $60 now or something, which isn't bad. She'd have to changer her number, but she's done that like 3 times already so it wouldn't be a big deal for her. I meanwhile, HATE havign to change my number, I have so many people in my phone book, that I only have mobiles for.

After that is my old choir committee meeting, I'm not in the choir anymore, but I'm still on the committee until it is reformed, at the end of the year. Which I can live with, I'd better just show up for at least one meeting though.

Then the Redrum Boys have a gig int he evening. It's a friend of Tim's dad or soemthing, but a gig's a gig, and they'll always need a fantastic roadie/photographer/groupie to come along! My dad says that equals a band moll.. I'm not so sure about that... times have changed lol.

Anyways, that's my weekly update for now.

Be good!

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My Blog Resolutions
Date: Jun 7th, 2006 11:09:35 am - Subscribe
Mood: inebriated
What I'm hearing:: computer fans, typing and fungus giggling

1) Update regularly. preferably once per week

2) Be more creative than the previous post.

Now in keeping with my resolution:

I am drunk. Have had two Bundy OP's and random sips of Crown Royal, a particularly strong American burbon.

Oh, and Ronnie's kids are over from America for a while too. I think they go home on the 20th. Michael the oldest ain't so bad, he's actually pretty cool, and "gets" Aussie behaviour a lot more. Rachel in the middle is ok too, she's great when she's in a good mood, but once she's upset (which doesn't take much) she's horrible. Leah the youngest is 13, but has the mentality of a 2 year old. She does things she KNOWS irriate you just for the attention.

It's fun having them around sometimes but their depature can't come soon enough. Kyla (wisely) has taken to the hills and is staying at Rachel's place tonight.

I have a new keyboard too. It types and games beautifully. In fact the only problem with it is that my typign is impaired by alcohol.

Nathan is requesting I insert him into the blog also. In fact he is being VERY demanding. I think his current belligerent behavious comes form the fact that he too, is drunk.

Nath says: OOH
Miranda says: fine fine
Nath says: AND DTUNK
Nath says:*DRUNK
Nath says: AND NATH
Miranda says: ok ok
Miranda says:sheesh! you're a PITA sometimes.

See the absolute belligerence and disrespectful behaviour I have to deal with? tounge.gif He also thinks PITA is a type of bread. Yes, but in capitals like that it stands for Pain In The Ass!

I also threw out this job search diary thing that Centrelink makes you do by accident. FUCK. I have to go get a new one now. I dunno how much they will like me for this. It tends to piss em off. It was an accident though. I will be more selective when I throw out random newspapers next time though.

Apparently Fungus and Nath are going shirtless with hats. They are having a rather bizzare MSN convo with webcams. Fungus however is a camera hog and won't let me in the shot that much.

Ohh, I got new pastels too. Beautiful dry ones this time, so much easier to blend and make pretty pics from. Have done a few already. Only two are good. The other two are randomly average. Should get a folder and make a protfolio of sorts. Not that I intend to make money from drawing... but it would be cool.

They are indeed going shirtless. Fungus is in fact making quite a strip show out of it.

Time to get the Jack Daniels cap and take my shirt off too me thinks tounge.gif

My god I ramble when I am drunk, but at least this post has substance and conveys interesting information inbetween the bullshit.

Also, I swear heaps on this thing. Did ya notice? It more or less reads like I talk though, nonsensical.

Anyways, I'd best be off before this turns into a novel. I think I want to draw more too.

love yas!

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Don't really want to post...
Date: Jun 1st, 2006 9:38:55 am - Subscribe
Mood: uninspired
What I'm hearing:: Live for Speed music

I have a serious case of the CBFs. No real reason here... just do. So I really don't know why I'm posting...


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So I actually went...
Date: May 29th, 2006 2:23:09 am - Subscribe
Mood: Content, blissfully happy and calm
What I'm hearing:: Antique's Roadshow on TV.

To Nicole's party I mean. And I actually had a good time. Chris and his sister did show up in the end, and much to my surprise nothing overly dramatic took place.

I was polite, non offensive and generally well behaved, hell I even laughed at one of his jokes. My reward, finding out Chris is as demanding, sulky and immature as ever. I was completely ignored, which I had expected, but what did kind of surprise me was the fact that Cinta (his sister) felt she had the right to remain pissed at me and greasy me all night. Now I may have hurt her brother, but I never did anything other than polite and friendly towards her the entire time Chris and I were together. Hell I used to smuggle her smokes before her mother knew she was smoking.

The outcome... I appreciate and love Ryan even more than before. Taking one look at Chris and the way he still demanded complete and total obedience from everyone who'd come with him, I just thanked my lucky stars that I am not there anymore and not with him.

I am so lucky to now have someone who loves and appriates me as much as he does, and the way he does for exactly who I am.
I don't have to try to be something I'm not, or not be something I am. I can just be me, someone Chris never really loved me for.

In short... I love you Ryan. happy.gif

In other news, another thing on my to-do list can be crossed off... I own a pair of dark red Doc Marten's. I will stick them up on my FlickR account, but the net has been capped due to excessive downloads and even the simplest email takes ages, so you'll have to wait a few days for pics.

Oh and my third ear piercings (I'll take a pic of that too) have cleared up at long last. They were crusty as hell this morning, and I pulled off a metric F-load of dried goo, but all of a sudden they now rotate cleanly and painlessly! Woot for finally settling down. Another few weeks and I can put in the silver star shaped studs I want.

Well I have to help Leah and Rachel cook tea (That's Ronnie's children from the USA who are visiting) because Julia will be home at 7 and needs to eat and run, so I'd best be off.

Be good everyone!

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The most ridiculous SMS ever...
Date: May 23rd, 2006 10:09:58 am - Subscribe
Mood: bright

Tiz nickers im haveing my b'day this sat night ur welcome 2 come cinta will b there no douubt chis and sara. U can come but NOT ryan. Let me kno soon hugs nicole happy.gifx

Typed word for word... now would I go to a party where my ex, his new bitch and his sister are going to be coming? Not to mention her blatant disregard for the fact that Ryan and I are together?

That ladies and gents, is the most fucked up SMS I have ever had the displeasure of receiving. Seriously... that girl is stupid.

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