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continued.... Dec 26th, 2005 7:46:12 pm - Subscribe
Mood | normal

Happy holidays....happy boxing day....yesterday we went to my cousin's house for Christmas...of course all the presents went to the little kids...it's not as exciting as when your young and when you believed in Santa Clause...but it's always good to get together as a family because we never have time and we never do anymore. On another note...I MISS MY BESTFRIEND!!...she's in the philippines right now but she'll be back in 2 weeks...it seems like ages ago she's left....once she gets back we can party hardy again happy.gif...i saw "him" again...i wonder if he ever thinks of me...in that way....but i'd never go for him anyway. he's just eye candy...yum candy happy.gif


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hi! Dec 26th, 2005 7:26:38 pm - Subscribe
Mood | mellow

long time, no blog...here are some christmas commerce pics taken from saturday

it looks like i can't see lol

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just breath Dec 16th, 2005 7:12:35 pm - Subscribe
Mood |

i'm pulling out my hair because i've been stuck in this house for almost a week! i miss work! i can't go out and apply for jobs because i can't fucking drive....maybe during this whole me not having a job i can practice driving. shieessh...and i've been worrying about my future but now i can relinquish that feeling because i just got a letter from red river saying i passed that test i needed to get into the program i wanted happy.gif...thank goodness because i've been telling everyone i'm going to red river in february. funny thing....i was completely and utterly hung over that time i wrote that test lol....it was the day after chantell's party....mann i could have yacked in that classroom...but i held it in and i got a B on that test....funny funny...not like it was hard...just basic computer knowledge....it was a lot of pressure because i didn't study for a test my mom had to pay for...100$ to be exact. but now i can just breath and try and find a job for the next month....maybe a part-time one this time.

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last day.... Dec 7th, 2005 5:35:28 pm - Subscribe
Mood | merry

it's sad...my last day working at jostens was today....i can say this job has been the most fulfilling experiences of my life and i couldn't be happier i dropped off that resume at the desk office 3 months ago. i've met some amazing people and i know i've changed in those past 3 months. but now i know it's time to move on to more challenging things...like school. i think this job has really prepared me for what i might expect in the near future. What a year this has been! It seems just like yesterday i just got back from the phils waiting to graduate. my barstar days are put away...maybe after this saturday....we'll see LOL. I'm loving life right now....and i just wanna take one day at a time and just bask in content.

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muahahaha Nov 29th, 2005 6:00:17 pm - Subscribe
Mood | evil

picture time!...chantell's b-day...gotta say fun times!

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