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messed up wednesday Nov 30th, 2005 10:11:26 pm - Subscribe
Mood | somewhat disappointed

It's been awhile since i blogged last, i finally found a job. I've been looking for a job for like 4 years, and I finally found one at Burger King. I never thought I would work there, I was always afraid to eat hamburgers, after a traumatic childhood experience. I was eating a hamburger, I'm not sure where it was from, but I bit into something really hard, and every since then, I won't eat hamburgers. I'm trying to pull up my grades, I hate chemistry and algebra II.
I'll do my homework and forget to do like one or two problems, and end up with a 9/10 or something, and I need every single point. One time I really studied for a test and asked the teacher for help with rounding, cuz I mess up on that a lot. I rounded the same thing wrong on several questions and ended up with a D. How sad, I wanted to set the test on fire. But I'm not that crazy. Hopefully, I will do better next time, semester's almost over time's running out.
I'm doing ok in algebra, but the homework takes like two hours, like that's a lot of time to spend on homework especially on only one subject. Hopefully I can keep my B, I doubt it. Thanksgiving holidays was ok, I mostly ate and slept. I played on the computer most of the time. On Thanksgiving, me and my mama, went to my uncle house, we stayed for like an hour, they hadn't even cooked yet, I was like lucky I wasn't hungry cuz I would have starved. I didn't get to spend much time with my family though, we ate at a friend's house, I ate soo much that I couldn't even drink something cuz I would have burst open. All I could do is take a dump and sleep. That day was a good day. Maybe X-mas will be even better.

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Thank God it\'s Friday! Sep 30th, 2005 7:57:19 pm - Subscribe
Mood | pretty good

I'm soo glad it's Friday. The whole week I've been waiting for this. And for what? I'm not even going anyway, I just wanna lay around the house, sleep all day, eat ice cream, and play the Sims. I love that game,even though my family is broke with half of the house down. But I hate it when you try to make them study or look for a job, and they're like I'm too depressed to study. I want to just knock them upside the head "cuz ain't no way nobody gonna be depressed that much". They just lazy, but it's just a game, lol. I might be getting a job. I hope and pray I do. I'm supposed to start tomorrow. And I'm like"Oh my gosh!!!!!!!". Lol j/k, but I am nervous, though. I've been looking everywhere, and when I finally gave up, a place that I don't remember going to, called me up and offered me a job. Like "Oh my Gosh!!!!!!!!". Ok, I just had to get that out. Keep me in your prayer cuz I could really use the money. Oh snap, I hope you noticed I finally did something decent to my blog. I couldn't stand not being able to express my creativity in my blog of all places. I'm trying to put music on it but it might not work. Well, my forehead is getting overheated and I'm tired of typing. So mo' peace and hair grease, ya mean?!!!!!!!

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boyfriend drama the case of the ex Sep 21st, 2005 3:12:44 pm - Subscribe
Mood | soo much better now

I know I just blogged but I had to get this off of my chest. Ok I forgot to mention I have a b/f now that's giving me some trouble. We started off as friends and he's been trying to hook up with me for the longest, so finally I said yes. He works and does something after school, so I understand that he's busy sometimes so I don't call that much. I call about 2-3 times a week, which isn't a lot for a couple. But he barely calls at all, he'll call like one time out of the whole week. How triflin is that? Anyways not a week after we hook up does my ex call and try to get back together. I couldn't wait to just really piss on his feelings. We were only together for like 3 weeks, and we broke up and then he disappeared for 2 months. Then suddenly he's back and as soon as I told him I have a b/f he started asking like a whole bunch of questions. Then he called like the next day asking if I was going to dump this guy and I was like no. Then the next day he called and got an attitude saying that I just left him hanging, he's jealous, and that he won't call me anymore. And I really don't care it's just messed up how the guy that I really like won't even talk to me. But when he does he will be in for a pleasant surprise when I tell him it's over. I'd really rather be single and happy, then to have a b/f and be miserable.

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early dismissal I return! Sep 21st, 2005 3:02:05 pm - Subscribe
Mood | damn good mood

Hey y'all it's been a long time since I've been on, and now I'm back. A lot has happened since the last time I blogged. Ok school started August 11th on a Thursday. And that was cool cuz at the Very last minute my mom got the money to buy me some school clothes and I didn't really need school supplies. School is okay so far, Algebra II isn't so bad, and Yoga at 7th hr sucks cuz I always go home hot and sweaty.Hurricane Katrina hit the south pretty hard. I am born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And it really hurt to see all of those people from New Orleans lose most of everything that they own. We didn't even expect it to be that big, because last year hurricane Ivan didn't really come at all. And now another hurricane is headed towards Baton Rouge, so if it really does come, then all of Louisiana will have to go North. Thank God, Baton Rouge didn't get hit, so at least we could really help the refugees and they'd have somewhere to stay. So it didn't mess up everyone. We missed school for over a week, but I would trade staying home for over a week, just so that Hurricane Katrina would never come and none of this would have ever happened. But now things are getting better, school isn't that bad, I'm taking senior pictures on Friday. This is my last year so I'm trying to be more constructive. I'm joining clubs, doing community service, and whatever else I can get into.

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Book Tuesday Aug 9th, 2005 1:30:12 pm - Subscribe
Mood | lost

Today I woke up at about 9am, and didn't get up til about 1pm. I know that sounds like I am soo lazy but I was reading this really good book. Oh by the way I finished that other book The blinking red light. It was such a good book. To find out the guy's best friend killed the Italian guy. He just killed him to get more money, and he felt that he was getting rich off of him. Him and this other guy named Herb killed the Italian guy. In the end, the best friend got away, and became a porn star. Herb got arrested and he got all of the charges for the crime. And the guy that the book was about, started going to church more, and ended up with a serious girlfriend. It was a good book and it was by this guy named Mister Mann Frisby. What a retarded name. Anyways I read this other book named Unexpected development. It's about this girl named Meagen who has really big breasts, and guys always bug her about them. And her last b/f only wanted sex, so she doesn't trust guys. And she wears really big clothes to cover up, you know.Well she has this huge crush on a guy name Jake that has a g/f name Savannah. But they break up and to find out Jake liked her all along. So they hook up, fall in love, but he leaves for college. It's a lot more to the story, I just don't feel like going in to that. I'll probably just read another book today, it's not like I actually have a social life.

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