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oh wow emoblog died

Apr 06th, 2005 11:38:39 pm - Subscribe

So I had a 1000 page emoblog entry, and emoblog said "FUCK YOU!" And thats lame, so lemme make it short..

Gabe and I have been having a great time lately. We are understanding each other more and more by the day, and learning to communicate completely. We have realized that most people in our lives are fake, and seen that we truly are not only lovers, but best friends. We have been learning to put each other first instead of ourselves, which is SO much more important.

His parents.. Wow. It seems like everything is going great with them as well. His mom seems to be very warm towards me. It makes me feel very much accepted and cared for. She let me come hang out at Gabe's while he was at work, and then she *trusted* me with his house/car keys so that i could let myself in this morning.. which she let me in anyway, cos she was at the door waiting for Gabe's sister's ride to school.. ^__^ His dad has even been acting much cooler. =) I'm happy with his family.. and I'm starting to REALLY enjoy being around them.

Today rocked so much. Got to Gabe's at 8:30 am.. slept till 10.. then we got up and started playing xenosaga/the sims online... played until 2 when we headed to boomers... stayed for 30 min, and headed back to Gabe's. We went back to playing TSO/xenosaga and continued until 11 pm. It's sick how addicted to GAMES we are. I LOVE IT! He just bought a ps2slim. ITS SEXY!

Yeah anyway, life rocks, and I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND. <3
mood: radiant
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avatar david

April 06th, 2005

Thats odd, I would recommend that you type within a text file, then simply cut and paste. But again, thats wierd. What type of error did you get? Was it becouse you didnt add a title?

avatar missy

April 06th, 2005

no it couldnt display the page.. was weird, but i dont care.. LJ NEVERRRRR let you post... so i got used to it.. plus im a REALLY fast typer. =)

avatar david

July 22nd, 2005

Hey missy, hows it going...havent seen you on the site in a long time. Hope all is well!

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