Whoohoo! I'm a lazy bitchtit. Forgive me. Comment your heart out, Ethan.
Ahahaha, the selected mood is "sneezy".
After quite a stretch of being the boy I fell in love with, Andy has decided to be a bitch again. Matt broke up with me over Mindsay (which I didn't know about until a week later...HAH!) and appologized. I don't know if I'm repeating myself or not. Andy is a bitch. Hey, shut uh-up, hey, shut uh-up. The guy from The Bravery looks like mallguy. Yay! Stina and I are starting a band. We're actually musically inclined. I'm going to post ads at Coffee Affair and McCutcheon's for people with some talent (everyone we know sucks, except for Campbell, and Stina hates him.). Feh feh feh. Andy is a bitch. He's dating some other chick and I feel bad. Feh. I hope he doesn't read this. He probably won't, though. He don't know about it. Hahaha...remember that one time on Xanga, and we got into such a bitchfight about it? Kickass. I went to the mall today and Ben was there. I 'bout shit. I seduced him at Kings Island. XD It was revenge for them ditching us which was revenge for us ditching them. Kings Island was bitchin'-cool. I have purple bowling shoes, a tie-dye swimsuit, pretty panties, and Old Navy wifebeaters. My feet are shaped like flippers. Where is mallguy? He was sexy. I went into a crazy sex chat today. Then my mom came home. Goddammit. Colin is sexy, but I have no chance with him. I've given up. If I go to high school, maybe I'll meet a nice girl. Yes, please. I want to go to one of Serene's sex parties. Nny almost got some there. She and Jack split. Which is good, because he sucks. I blow. Andy, you're a star. XD
Okay, that being said...erm...that's about it. Alright, stop. Cramma time.
Cliff is our GPS in the car. I hate the bastard. See the title.
Holy shit, AIM virus! Goddammit, I hate those.
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Now: Jun 14th, 2005 4:31:45 pm - Subscribe
Pheelings: spiteful
Quote of the day: \"What are you doing here?\" \"...shopping?\"

Hah! Mattie dumped me. Saves me having to do the dirty work (again), that's for damn sure. Andy and I are "madly in love" again. XD! I wonder how this will turn out. Let's hope it ends well...
We figured this out because Mezzy invited the two of us over on Saturday. I bet she had it alllll planned out and everything. Anyways, the two of us start getting kinky-cuddly (we were "wrestling", also known as me being submissive), and we kissed a couple times. It all felt so right, but I felt terrible about the whole thing and decided that I was going to have to do the awful terrible thing again...
But...Mattie had dumped me almost a week ago! Hah. He left a message on my Mindsay. XD!! And just today, I found it. How 'bout that?
So, we'll see what happens.
Ethan, no commentary from you, please, or I shall summon the powers of Soup Toast, Stabbing Fork, and Throwing Knife. Watch out.
L'Auberge was fun. Ethan's getting adopted. I feel crazy. I fxcked up at my voice recital.
Oh, and my hair is red. Crazazy.
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Pheelings: stunned
Quote of the day: \"Your hair changed.\"

Wowie zowie! I'm back from the P.O.P. finals in Wooster, and it was totally kickass! I made some new friends, which was neat, met this absolutely adorable chick, and kicked ass in the prompts. I'm the 7th best eighth grade writer in the state, bitches!
The downside? I went to my cousin's wedding and got food poisoning...oog...XP At least I got to trash the getaway car. XD!!! I'm part of the Westlund tradition now. My cousin Jared was the ringleader in all of this, and he has been for the past few years...so at his wedding in January, he is going to be screwed over! Oh gawsh, too bad it's in Iowa, because I kinda wanted to help with the destruction. ¬¬
S'all for now. O__O
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Now: May 30th, 2005 4:35:58 pm - Subscribe
Pheelings: pained
Quote of the day: \"Okay, Halley...why don\'t you paint the rearview mirror?\"

Weekend recap, once again.
So on Friday night, Jack had another crazazy party. I went, being the single chick that I was. It was...well, it was a pretty good time for most everyone.
Here are the night's statistics:
Number of girl-on-girl makeouts: At least 5.
Number of guy-on-guy makeouts: Were there any?
Number of people I made out with: 4
Number of people that went streaking: 1.5 (three of us in our undies. That's only half-streaking.)
Number of relationships made by the end of the night: 2
Number of relationships broken: ...none, I hope?
That's about it. Have you seen the video? Ask Paula about it. Her cell phone knows.
Saturday was the last rec dance, so after getting my hair cut and buying a skirt (with an advance on my allowance), I cleaned the bathroom floor with a toothbrush so I could go. It was fun, even though the music selection was mediocre ("B.Y.O.B."!!!! Goddamn DJ, play the stupid song!)...the highlight was Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus". I danced like a crazy mofo.
Estepp made me dance with this guy. I don't know his name.
At the end, they played that retarded "Graduation" song. I pretended to get all weepy and hugged everyone ("Oh my gawd, I'm gonna miss you!" "I'm gonna miss you too!" "See you Monday!"). I tried to hug Anna, but she wouldn't hug me. It was hilarious! Those girls are so funny...they're like a science project on human nature gone so terribly wrong. I love them.
Sunday: Nothing...yeah, I got nothing.
Monday: School. I dumped my therapist. She's a crazy conservative Christian, and every time I went to see her, I felt like I was being judged. Liberry was fun. Voice lesson went crappily. Got ice cream. Made the most kickass purse in the world.
Today: Didn't make Symphonic. I'm like the crappiest player in the world because of my tone and posture...people always tell me my tone is good!! and my posture problem isn't even my fault!! ><"
And to top it all off, it turns out Matt was at Coffee Affair the whole time and I was supposed to meet him there. God-fucking-dammit. This week is off to a fantastic start.
State on Friday, wish me luck. Although, at this rate, I can tell how it'll turn out already.
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Pheelings: damned
Quote of the day: \"I missed two girls making out?...I missed you streaking?!\"

Today was Math and Science Day at Kings Island, so all of the Science Day and Science Olympiad participants got to miss school to go.
I've been there so many damn times.
I hung out with Sarah, Becker (gawd! She got so damn annoying, especially with the inflatable bat...>|), Erica, Chelsea, Tae Yeon (she rode The Racers! And The Italian Job!), Jack, and Jon (Jon's my friend now. XD). We didn't ride all that much, but I didn't really mind. Within five minutes, I'd blown all of my cash on that goddamn ladder game. I thought for sure I could win, but apparently, I couldn't. Next time, though...next time...
For those of you who are hooked on those ladder games at state fairs and amusement parks, here are some tips:
-Spread yourself out on the ladder as much as possible.
-Keep your center of gravity low.
-When moving, move a hand with a foot.
-When moving, move the foot opposite to the hand you're moving, or vice versa. XP
-Let your friends hold on to your money, or you'll get sucked dry.
Quick and to the pointless. Anyways, we rode (in this order, I believe) Adventure Express, Shake Rattle and Roll, The Italian Job, Lunch (lunch is my favorite ride.), Delirium, Tomb Raider (me and Jack and Erica and Becker...><"), Shake Rattle and Roll again, the swings (twice. Jon likes 'em, so we rode 'em to make up for making him wait while we rode Tomb Raider), and then we left. Around two, I was so damn exhausted. I just wanted to go home, but I couldn't until after five. -__- ZzZzZz...zzzzzzz...
Well, as "you all" know, I broke up with Matt...I don't have that sense of freedom that I usually get when I'm single...I just feel lonely. Maybe because Andy's found someone else...and I was planning on his attention span holding out long enough so I could hit on people and be a general whore but still feel some specialness because he'd be doing...what he does. You dig? What should I do? Ethan, I don't need your advice on this. ><"
Beh-beh-beh-beh-beh...This blog needs more publicity.
I miss Mattie. I really do. That's why I'm so lonely...
So. Colin is online. But he's away. Pffshthfries. Be here, silly.
I r teh winnar. I helped Sam with her lerb problems. She doesn't like Eric anymore. XD Dumb fucker! I told her to just be single and enjoy these last few weeks of school. She agreed with the plan. ^^ Yay! I was so worried she'd compromise her principles for Eric, but she didn't! Glory hallelujah! Hugs and kisses for Sam!
Well...there's nothing else really to say, except...did I mention that Gretch has gone crazy? Yeah, she's batshit insane. Actually, no, she's perfectly sane. She's doing what any other girl would do in her situation. Since Ryan dumped her, she's pinning it on Paula. She doesn't want to blame Ryan for it, because she still likes him, so she blames Paula, although, I'm sure on some level she realizes that her pain is Ryan's fault. Beh-beh-beh.
That new Homestar Runner cartoon sucks. Bug in mouth disease? Come ON. Brothers Chaps, you can do SO much better than that. Believe me. That was like childrens' edutainment, done Homsar style, for kids who may be HELD BACK, having LOW STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES, and REPEATING THE THIRD GRADE (I guess that was more than two words. XD SB Email reference. If "Whaddaya Know, Haddi-Man?" was a real cartoon, I would've watched it every day as a tyke).
C'est tout! That is all. And speaking of French, can some people help clarify the rules of the le/la/les/l' and y pronouns for me? My brain is so full of verbs (imperative, passe compose, including Dr. and Mrs. Vandertramp, and reflexive) that I can't think anymore. I think I'ma go on Gaia. That requires no thought whatsoever.
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Pheelings: Mildly discontented
Quote of the day: \"Jon\'s on hot-patrol.\"

I are square. I dumped Matt, if I didn't mention that in my last entry. He didn't seem like he took it so well...v__vo Is wanting to be single a crime? If it is, then you can just go ahead and sue me. Right up the butt. ><" Yummy!
I went to Sean's today. Joey invited me along. The walk to Sean's is a bitch, about three-quarters of a mile, but it can be cut down drastically if you know the right shortcuts (which I either don't or don't feel comfortable using because I don't like walking through strangers' lawns). It was Sean, Joey, Caleb, and Ryan, good people. Except Caleb freaks me out, because he nearly raped me. XD Long story. Everyone felt the need to give me a hug before I went, me acting as the skate-ho for the day. Fun-fun-fun. And they all tried to teach me to ollie, which I can't. Oh well.
Well, that was my exercize for the day.
I couldn't sleep last night, after what happened with Satan (XD it's his old name. He shall hereby be referred to as that.). I stayed up 'til two and nearly cried myself to sleep. Gahh...he's made me a wreck. He's got this big thing in his profile about how he fxckin' loves his new chick, which he never did for me, thanks. ><" He actually did appologize, though...that was entirely unexpected.
But...brightside alert...the Boomerang Man came to see us! He's this guy who has world titles in boomerang chucking and has broken 15 world records. He explained the physics of a boomerang, how a boomerang differs from a kylie and a v-shaped stick, how a boomerang was never meant to be a weapon, the like. He showed off his indoor-safe boomerangs, the Roomerang and the Backyard Boomerang, both patented by him. He also motivated us by telling us how he'd managed to pull himself back together after his wife died (from complications from anorexia, no less!), leaving him with five kids, two with cystic fibrosis and a life expectancy of ten years. The cystic fibrosis kids are in high school, the other kids are fine, and our hero is the grand master of boomerang throwing and on the U.S. Olympic Boomerang Team. He told us that we need to be determined and do what other people say we can't. It made me feel really happy, but I was disappointed in the fact that I missed the outdoor demonstration after the talk. Oh well, he didn't throw his giant boomerang (four feet total span) over the water towers. Shwah.
Where is Colin? He should be online. Because I am. And I wouldn't mind talking to him. XD I wouldn't mind at all.
Mattie was the prime example of a Little Whatsit. I miss him...I hope my choice will have been for the best. v__v
Leave me one, strangers.
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Pheelings: changed
Quote of the day: \"There aren\'t any bullies in this school.\" (It was ironic.)

I tried to post this earlier, but the internet explorer didn't exactly feel like co-operating. Fxcker.
So, everything went to shit in a shopping cart in just one day. I thought that everything would be alright for awhile, but then Andy goes and finds someone new and completely forgets I exist. It's like I'm his backup plan, you know, for whenever there's nothing else out there. He says that's not the truth, which is total bullshit. ><" Dumb fxck. I can't believe I decided to talk to him again. Obviously, I'm angsting. I'm depressed, angsting, bitchy, and immature. Watch out.
I want to run away. I really do. I wish Colin was online. He'd know what to say. I wish I had a chance with him, but I don't.
I'm going to dump Matt. I'm going to get a shitstorm. Fxck that, I don't care.
Andy and I are fighting. Gawd...
Talking to Joey. XD I think I'ma go for a walk. And meet Joey somewhere. XD I love that kid.
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Pheelings: nauseous
Quote of the day: \"Yo!\"

"BYOB", kicking ass and rocking socks.
If I had it my way, I would run around barefoot.
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Pheelings: overstimulated
Quote of the day: \"Napoleon Dynamyte g-strings?\"

To continue...
Satday Night in the City of the Dead:
I went to The Attic with various assorted homeslices. Andy, my ex, happened to be there. Of course, it was wrong for me to want to hang out with him, because he's my ex and I have a boyfriend. And because of the whole my-friends-mostly-all-hate-him thing. Peach-ay.
Mattie was late (yes, he's Mattie now, not "my boyfriend", or "Closetmonster", or Matt, but MATTIE. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.), so I took the opportunity to hang out with Andy without being judged too harshly. Of course, when Mattie came, I felt terrible about ditching Andy, you know, because he's one of my best friends and I hadn't seen him in at least five months, so I tried to make time to see him every so often. When I tried to do that, everyone went crazy and said I was cheating on Mattie and Andy was bad and satanic and whatever. Psh. They're hypocritical. They bitched at me about ditching everyone for my boyfriend, and when I try to hang out with EVERYONE, people get mad and say I'm not paying enough attention to my boyfriend. Gawsh. Make up yr minds.
Oh, and the bands sucked.

I forget. I don't think I did shit. Nope, didn't do shit.

Went to school, caught some shit for doing "the wrong thing" on Saturday, got pissed, actually hit the ball over the net a couple times in volleyball, went to Coffee Affair (uneventful), went home, the works.

Absolutely nothing. Which is what you are about to become. Bwah!
Oh, actually, we toured the high school. I pissed off my tour guide, acted like an idiot, and (here's the best part) poked a kid and asked if he was real. XD I are teh obnoxion. Pwn me!
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Pheelings: kinky
Quote of the day: \"That\'s how they expect incoming freshmen to act anyways.\"

Well, I haven't posted for a bit, not like anyone reads this crap, but you know, I like to pretend.
Here's a wrap-up of my weekend:
Friday was the CYO competition at OMEA. The bus that was sposed to take us over to the high school was apparently the track bus, and they didn't feel like cramming us on. We had to wait for the Magsiggers to come around and we load ourselves on, basses, tuba, and all.
When I got to the high school, I figured out which bus had the cool kids (by cool kids, I mean those wacky high school heathens we all know and love, including my new best friend, Colin. Skwee!) and found a place to sit very far away from Mary (gawd, she never ceases to annoy...never. XP She's the kind of girl who hits you and then tells you it didn't hurt) and very near the cool kids. Yay! They were a riot.
We get to Springfield North High School (there must be at least fifty of those in the U.S.), unpack, tune (the spaz that I am, I pull my A while Mr. Eyink's trying to hear the basses. XP), rehearse, and go onstage.
Before we even start, I'm almost positive we're not going to get a I. When the first strains of "Radetsky March" sound themselves from us, I know for schizz we're headed for a II. We started the first couple of measures okay, but then it got slower, and slower, and slower, and s l o w e r. "Hopak" and "Orpheus" suffered similar tempo issues. Were it not for that, we might have had a chance at a I, but you know what? I realized later that we had fun, and we tried our hardest, and that's what counts.
In the cafeteria, we ate and waited for our rating. $4.50 bought me two slices of pizza, a Mountain Dew, and a pack of M&Ms (you have no idea how much I love M&Ms. You don't. Step off.). I sat down with The Mafia, and had very little conversation. Once I got up and chucked my trash, I took me and my M's over to the jukebox and commanded it to play "Yesterday" and "Love Me Two Times" (The Beatles and The Doors were like the ONLY good stuff on it. I cried when I saw Britney Spears and the Dixie Hicks...not a typo!). Then I relocated myself to the Cool Kids' table. I asked if I could hang out with them and they were real nice about it. They're my new best friends. Especially Connie. She rocks. XD
Connie got some sort of report-a-crime kit and decided to report Mike, our cute roadie, for prostitution. The descriptions were very exact, including the location of the crimes (Mike's house and the street that Mike's house is on), the times when committed (When Mike is home), and Mike's nicknames (Mike-o, Big Mike, Gay Mike).
We got our rating, cried, discussed it, felt better, and got on the bus. Mr. Eyink read us off the comments, and he told us he wasn't disappointed in us (except when he told us about the poor posture in the violin section, that pissed him off). Connie agreed to be my busmate because I was lonely on the ride up. Colin sat behind us and we got the neato idea to braid his hair. I brushed it out and combed it and everything and miraculously remembered how to french braid. His hair is soft, and I gave him an A+ for being a good boy and actually washing his hair from time to time ("I conditioned it and everything!"). Guys, if you're going to have long hair, PLEASE WASH IT. After that, since I ended up in the same seat as him, we ended up having a nice little chat about whatever randomness came to mind. New best friend!
The funniest part was that when I got home, Colin got online. I really wished I had saved our conversation, it was just hilarious. It went along the lines of something like this:
Me: Hi there.
Him: Hi.
Me: Fancy seeing you here!
Him: That doesn't have the same ring as it does in person, but it still sounds cool.
Me: So, what has changed in your life in the past forty-five minutes?
Him: Well, I discovered I had one braid still in.
Me: XD How fascinating!
Him: Yeah, I wish things this fascinating would happen to me every day.
Me: And they don't already?
Him: Nope, I almost never find things in my hair.
Me: I wish I could find things in my hair, but it's too short.
Him: Don't give up hope. I'm hoping one day I'll find a quarter in my hair. It'll be there one of these days.
Me: I'll be rooting for you.
Now, wasn't that absolutely hilarious! So ends my Friday!

I had decided in advance that I was so going to the mall on Saturday, if nothing else. More hilarity ensued there, of course.
I took my meager funds (I'd had to buy some lunches and pay for my voice lessons) in their entirety to Hot Topic, where I walked back and forth for hours, wondering what to get. They had a new supply of Queer Eye'd shirts for guys, and I noticed a few extra-smalls in the bunch. I really wanted one, and it'd be really cute with a tie and a miniskirt. Some skirts were on sale, but I didn't have quite enough cash to get one and I have a few already anyways. Deviously, I bought a tie to max out my frequent buyer card (it's not like I didn't want the tie. I really wanted it. A lot. It was a skinny black and green tie with pins. It's my new lover and I shall name it Tatanya.) and then walked around. I needed a couple bucks (which I had, but they were at home) so I asked my mom for some. She had to drop some things off at the car first, and then she was going to meet me in front of Spencers.
Had she not gone first to drop off her stuff, some hilarity might never have ensued! Believe you me, it was hilarious.
There was this guy that I'd seen around Hot Topic. Probably in his late twenties or early thirties. He was wearing a kickass leather jacket (which he later told me he painted himself. It was adorned with band names and logos. Siouxie and the Banshees in particualr caught my eye.), a band shirt, and tight black pants. He was hawt, of course, but waaay too old for me. Imagine my surprise when I see him walk past me and he nods to me! I nod back, and he comes over and starts talking to/hitting on me. Does he like jailbait or did he think I was older than I really was? I'm still wondering now! Hey, person from the mall, if you're out there, clarify this for me!
The best part was when my mom came along. The guy took quite a few steps back, and when my mom said she'd be walking around with me for awhile, he skidaddled. XD Oh, much hilarity indeed.

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Pheelings: fidgety
Quote of the day: \"There\'s a market for bondage necklaces?\"

For the first time in months, I listened to "OK Computer". Wow. Just, wow. Now I remember why it's one of my all-time favorites.
AIM is down, yo. This vaguely distressed me until I realized that if it's down for me, it's down for everyone else, so I'm not missing anything. I'm still distressed, though.
Six more weeks of school? I want to get out. NOW. My gawd, I cannot wait until I'm done with this crap. I know, things will only be marginally better in high school, but still...I hope I can meet some nice lesbians there. I need some girl-on-girl that's not with Nny. Even though me-on-Nny is fun, we'll probably never progress beyond friends.
The lesbians that hang out at The Attic are so cute! I love them. They're really sweet.
I know that me naming people has absolutely no relevence to any of you out there in interweb land, but I do it anyways. Bite me.
I read the "tips for creating a blog" post. It must be geared toward people who don't just aim to take up interweb-space with their rantings. I really don't expect anyone to read any of this, especially the super-long, rambling posts about what happened last night.
It'd be funny if someone did read that, though. I'd laugh. If you read it, you must comment. I'll give you a blow job.
My therapist pisses me off. You know what? A lot of people out there that are supposed to help us and be "modern-day-heroes"? They piss me off too. Policemen, paramedics, doctors, the like. Police especially. Fxcking pigs. I may be generalizing, but around here, police only aim to arrest kids (bite me, Officer Markham.) because they've got nothing better to do, or because they want attention, or whatever. When there's a real emergency, they're not there, they're marking someone down for having pot on them or something. Jesus! Let people do what they want. The law is fxcked up, the government is fxcked up, and the police are fxcked up. I'd do something about it, but I'd get beaten over the head with their little sticks.
Is there anything I can do? If there is, I swear I'll do it.
I want to listen to Loveline, but I need my sleep. Ever since The X bumped the time slot up two hours (two fxcking hours!! 10 to midnight is now midnight to 2. Jaysis!!), I've hardly listened to it at all, except for when I wake up around 1 and I'm listening to the radio, but I really do need my sleep.
I could have used another day this weekend. Monday came way too soon.
I need to eat less junk food, but I love candy and chocolate and all that stuff. I've got a sweet tooth, and I'm not even over fifty. I should grow up to be a morbidly obese schoolteacher. The kids will make fun of me and when someone disappears, they'll say I ate them. Omgosh!
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Pheelings: violent
Quote of the day: \"Ethan made out with a GIRL!\"

Today, I went on an all-day field trip to Camp Kern to learn about leadership with people I don't necessarily care for. Let's see, it was Scott, Kernel, Filthy-Rich Danny, Will-whose-mom-has-the-same-hair-as-him-and-her-name-is-Candee, Struckie, Tae Yeon, Tiffany, Colleen, Anna, Carly, Emily, Liz (those last five, I don't particularly like, but I've realized they're okay.), Abourezk, Sean-the-ultimate-computer-genius-who-has-found-a-way-to-get-past-Bess (Bess is the school's anti-porn filter), Biggs, Eslinger, ...and someone unmemorable. I'll remember them too late.
We did a lot of low-ropes and low-ropes-esque activities. Teambuilding things, you dig? The most enjoyable was the Spaceweb, which was neat. It was basically a web of cables with squeaky toys and plushies sitting on places where many strings came together. The object was for the whole group to get in the Web, holding hands or being connected in some way, and then get the group out (people cannot exit until everyone's in), and only two people's feet can be in a section at once. The catch: for every squeaky or plushie that gets knocked over, something strange and wonderful (that's Camp Kern-speak for very, very bad.) will happen. Strange and wonderful like people losing the privilege to talk (which actually was a blessing at times), people being blindfolded (happened to me), or two people being joined together at the ankles. How fun! The great thing about being blind is that absolutely no effort is required. When nobody can talk, people next to you will just lift your legs up and over the cords. It's fun! Strange and wonderful!
It was fxcking cold all day, but I warmed up when I got a nice adrenaline rush from doing high-ropes. There were two courses, one more physically demanding than the other, but the physical one has the option for you to get off between any two elements. The other one, which is more balance-oriented, gives you no opportunity to leave. The balance one had a shorter line, so I chose that one. It was actually just as challenging as the other, and very fun. Strange and wonderful. The worst of it was transferring from one element to the next, which required a long and involved process to ensure your safety at all times. You have two "lobster claws", ropes with hooks on them that are attached to your harness, which ensure that at least one claw is hooked at all times, so you won't die. There's safety checks, a spotter on the ground, people helping you, but transfers on the balance-land feel very unsafe, seeing as the cords you have to latch on to are really high, and you have to maneuver in such a way that will get you in the right place to transfer. I was scared, just a little. Ms. Weeda said I looked like I'd been doing it all my life. That gave me a good chuckle.
My course involved an inclined log (someone belays you during that part, I found it to be the easiest element. Probably because I was clinging to my lobster claws the whole time.) to a postman's walk (a small tightrope with a cable on either side), to another log, not inclined, and then a variaton on the postman's walk, which only gave you one cable to work with, which then led you into the exit for both courses, the 300 foot zipline (the coolest thing in the world.). I pwnd my course. I didn't fall once! The pwnage.
It was indeed a great excuse to get out of school. After I arrived back at school (around 5:15ish, long after everyone went home. Posers.), I went over to Coffee Affair to see my friends, and then to Marion's to eat with my family. Of course, my friends got the brilliant idea to meet me there, and we teased Joey about his little-boy penis and hid his porn in Sean's bass-case and everyone hit up Katie for cash. Poor Katie, she needs to be selfish from time to time. It'd do her some good.
I was craving Graeter's, so I made my mom take me there. Out the window, I saw the crowd that was going to Town Hall to cheer on Little Jackoff in the sound booth. He's been on crew since god-knows-when. The show was Goldie Locks and the Three Bears: Goldie Locks on Trial, which just smacks of the low-budget "comedy" plays I used to be in. Nah, didn't want to see it. Especially not since Eric was there.
Funny conversation:
Paula: Are you going to the Town Hall?
Everyone (me, Nny, Joey, and Sean): No.
Paula: Well, Sean, you should go, because Eric's expecting you to be there.
Sean: Oh, hell no, he's not.
Sean has reason to be pissed at the bastard, seeing as he took advantage of the poor kid during his spat with Sam. I can sympathize. Since our exes are going together, we should go out. Hah! He's a nice guy, but not my type.
Oh, and I started talking to Andy, my ex, again. I broke off all contact with him for awhile just so I could cool my jets, you dig? So now we're talking, and he's overjoyed. He always thanks me for deciding to IM him again. Apparently, he's with this chick who was even worse than I was (XD, you'd have to know what went down to understand, and it's too long of a story for tonight.), and they're fighting, and he hates her, and he seems to be doing something that seems like he's hitting on me, making me confused and sending mixed messages and all that jazz. Fah! He has a mohawk. XD times a million! How cool is that? He needs to get his hair dyed purple (inside joke again...I have a picture of him from when we were at summer camp, where we met, with purple paint in his hair, all scooped up into a faux-hawk. He was a CIT, it was Harry Potter day, and his cabin was in Hufflepuff. I was in Slytherin and had a nervous breakdown at the end of the day. But I got to play Quidditch! Okay, that's enough). XDz, I'm done. Leave me one, strangers!
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Pheelings: dazzled
Quote of the day: \"Permission to transfer?\" \"PERMISSION DENIED!\"

The Cure has been rocking my socks like none other lately. Oh...I was going to write more but I got sidetracked. Nothing happened anyways, besides Nny, Ethan, and I spotting some little kids cuddling at the Stingley playground. Little cuties! Ethan was depressed, though, because an elementary kid can get more action than him. I are teh square. Pwnd!
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Pheelings: delirious
Quote of the day: \"It\'s kind of depressing that a four-year-old can get more action than me.\"

Fill it out and hope it all fits in a comment! Complete strangers welcome!
Yes, Nif refers to me. Stoopids.

I _____ Nif.

Nif is _____.

I want to _____Nif.

Nif can ______.

Someday Nif will _______.

Nif reminds me of _______.

Without Nif, _________.

Nif can be _______.

Nif is always _______.

Worst thing about Nif is ________.

Best thing about Nif is ________.

I think Nif should _________.

If Nif was an animal, she'd be a ______.

Right now, I bet Nif is thinking about ________.

Nif makes me want to _______.

Nif probably tastes like ________.

If I could spend the day with Nif, I'd ____________.

I'd ______ for Nif.

Nif is made of _________.

Nif is the _________.

If I could be Nif for a day, I'd ______.

I want to give Nif a ________.

The song _____ by _____ reminds me of Nif.

Yes, it was shamelessly stolen from another blog. I don't know any of you. Please fill it out. I'll laugh.
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Pheelings: ghetto
Quote of the day: \"Oh, nevermind, Kenicke is an idiot.\"

Sweet jesus. Today was an entirely pointless day.
I slept in until noon. Keep in mind that I usually wake up around eight or nine. What's with this?
I tried to get out of practicing (I didn't try too hard, mind you), failed, practiced, and played some Final Fantasy. I'm starting to get into it. If I didn't already mention it, I got Crystal Chronicles for the Gamecube, and I made myself a cute humanoid...what do they call them? Clavats. That's the one. And I'm fxcking adorable and I have a little yellow hat. They've got cute humanoids, cute small things, weird things with beaks (and pointy boobs for the chicks), and sexy humanoids. I would have been a sexy humanoid, but from the description, I figured that beginners were :supposed: to be cute humanoids or dwarven things.
And my hometown-village thing is France. PWND!
I got an IM from my buddy Ethan. Since he IM'd my phone, I couldn't reply instantly, and therefore couldn't ask who it was. I had to ask around and go by my own genass-oscity to figure it out. From the few statements he made (Nif? SEX! BOOOORRED!), I guessed that it was either Eric (hah! That was totally wishful thinking) or Brandon. Close enough. If you knew them, and you knew Ethan, you'd say that I was mostly right. I didn't think Ethan had a screenname anyways.
I had a dream last night, and Matt was in it. He drove me some place and I bought...Pokémon things? And then I realized they weren't what I wanted. I just wanted a hemp necklace! I think Colin was there too. Yes, yes he was. I don't remember what role he played, though. Was he even there?
I wish I could have my dreams on tape. Better yet, DVD. I'd watch them and analyze them thoroughly and probably become a nervouse wreck.
I want to exercize, but my dad has monopolized the basement. I also need to do my social studies homework. But you know what? Social studies can wait. It can wait until advisory tomorrow. I'm sure I'll regret putting it off like this.
I noticed a comment by an anonymous user on my blog. Dude, who are you? Why are you talking to me? Most of all...how did you find this? I thought for damn sure nobody knew about this.
You must have me confused with someone. O__o"
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Pheelings: lifeless
Quote of the day: \"What does \'kupo\' mean?\"

Yesterday was eventful, to say the least. I wasn't at home from the time I went to school 'til about ten at night. O__o
Right after school, Matt was waiting for me outside (a flock of my friends around him, of course. ^__^ It's cute how everyone approves of him.) and we all went to Coffee Affair. By "we all", I mean...ohh, I forget. People were coming and going...but Ethan, Matt, and I all went, and everyone else arrived shortly after (Estepp, Nny, Paula, Sean, Tré, Catboy, Gretch, Joey...I'm referring to people by name, and you don't even know them.) because those squares decided to take the scenic route.
Gretch and Paula were kind of sad because their boyfriends (Ryan and Caleb, respectively) went paintballing, or were someplace, or whatever. Poor chicks. They deserve more attention from their men. By the end of the night, they were both considering dumping their dudes.
Nny (she and I were big JTHM fans back in the day. I really need to get those out sometime...Jhonen Vasquez rocks. Who's with me?) decided that the guy working the counter was hot and decided to hit on him.
"Hi, you're hot, what's your name?"
"Hi, I'm Kyle, and that's illegal!"
"How old are you?"
"Nineteen. How old are you?"
"I'm fourteen and I don't care if it's illegal!"
Nny rocks.
Some of us were idiots (not me, of course. I don't do those things) and accidentally trashed the back room. We, the ones who had no part in it, got lectured. Feh.
Much making-out later, Matt left. I cried and cried, but he didn't come back. (JTHM reference number two.)
In awhile, Sam showed up. We did that thing where once everyone spots someone, you shout their name and tackle them. Or just run up and hug them. Whichever. I think Campbell (also known as Loogie) and Anthony showed up. Everyone loves Campbell.
Dylan showed up too, without quite the fanfare that Sam got. Dylan scares me. He needs hair.
And then...dun-dun-dun...Eric showed up. From there, there was a very distinct downward shift. Bad vibes, you know. He and I did that thing where you don't make eye contact and don't make a huge effort to avoid each other (well, I tried to avoid him, but he didn't seem as concerned), but you really don't acknowledge one another's presence. Or in my case, you do and pretend you don't. I don't know what was going on in his head, but I think Sam had him pretty distracted.
Sooner rather than later, Sam and Eric had done it. In the butt. O__o Not really. But they hooked up or something. And by the end of the night (to compensate for Gretch's and Paula's potential losses), they were "officially" going out.
Paula and I were like bad-vibe central. The two of us were in a corner together crying. She had it worse than I did, though. She was feeling generally shitty, while I just didn't want Eric around (because I'm a square that still has feelings for him. Eu.). We went down to the minimart and cried some more, with Ethan in tow. Ethan's great, 'cos he's like one of my best friends, and he's really smart and insightful (even though he used to be the bitch of the group and kind of still is. We steal his fries at lunch. But that's okay, because he doesn't like the soggy school fries.), and he helped us out.
Sam waltzed on over with Eric after some time (by the way, Nny and Estepp were gone. They went to The Attic, those bitches. I cried cos Matt and I couldn't go.) and suggested we play Tord (it's like t-or-d mushed together, which is short for truth or dare. She wanted an excuse to make out with Eric. That's what you do, you know, if you just want an excuse to make out with someone.). I got a little fired up at that point, which was a bit unfair to Sam, but that's okay. I appologize, deep down or something. Naw, I love Sam. Me and Paula were still pretty weepy, so I told her she could go ahead and make out with Eric, I didn't care. She got a bit fired up too. Oh well.
After awhile, we were back at Coffee Affair. Tré and Joey had gone off somewhere (Tré's real name is Andrew, but I call him Tré because I think he looks like Tré Cool from Green Day. Stop judging me.) to talk, because Joey was pretty down. Poor kid. I blame Eric. Did Sean go with them too? I forget. But Sean was sad...easy to see why. I totally sympathize with him, seeing as I was with Eric and he was with Sam. Jeez. It makes me wonder why she'd go for someone like Eric (total perv, doesn't care if he can't have it, just takes it. Know what I'm saying?) after someone like Sean (sweet, shy). Well, nevermind. Maybe it makes sense.
Okay, so we were back. I was sad and Sam asked why. I told her,
"I just get really depressed when Eric's around and I just don't like being around him and I still have feelings for him, so yeah." (redundant, no?)
She felt bad after I told her, but I said not to worry. She didn't know, after all. And she was happy. Gawsh, I love Sam. I wouldn't want to make her sad.
More pointless milling around at Coffee Affair. More sadness. I found out that Tré makes me happy, especially when he lets me pet him. He's adorable.
Then, the moment we'd all been waiting for, JON BENNER, LIVE IN CONCERT! Jon had signed up for a slot on open mic night and did a few covers. It was cute. Especially because his hawt brother, Colin, came. I doubt that Colin has much respect for me, but that's okay. Little Jackoff showed up and brought in some good vibes. The combined vibes of Colin, Jon, and Jackoff made me happy, along with some nice chai. Chai is yummy.
The atmosphere at Jon's gig was nice. I was really content and happy that whole time. Even though Jon's voice isn't top-notch, he's still nice to listen to. He has absolutely no range, but he has a nice, distinctive tone. And he's good at guitaring. He actually has a lot of credibility as a musician, especially since he also plays the violin. He's a cool kid, but like his brother, he doesn't have much respect for me. I stole his lyrics to "Just Like Heaven" (almost made me cry! Man, Robert Smith hit the spot.) and tried to get him to autograph them. He got ticked at me for folding up his lyrics and stealing them. Bastard.
Thennnn...it was decision time. Colin had left, so there wasn't much point in me sticking around. Roflcopter. No, really, the good vibes had left. I might as well follow Little Jackoff. The kind that was hanging out at Coffee Affair (or really, outside it) was a kind I don't like. Elitist "kids" who look down their nose at people and don't respect us because of our age. Ageist? Ageism? Are those words? That's how I'd describe it. They make me angry. Sure, I'll admit, I am obnoxious from time to time (a lot of the time), but their snide remarks and such are just as much so, if not more. Bastards.
And I had just pissed off some guy who looked like he was about to burn me with his cigarette. Exit stage left. (note: it's really obnoxious to tell a person who's smoking that cigarettes are bad for you. I dunno why I did that. Caffeine. I was caf'd up, dude. That chai is strong stuff.)
We got Ethan's mom to give us (Me, Jackoff, Ethan) a ride to Marion's so we could hang out with the cool kids. It was storming, and I'm afraid of being outside during storms. And so is Little Jackoff, the pussy.
We got there before everyone else did, and everyone else was fxcking soaked. I laughed at them. But they didn't laugh back.
Everyone ordered a pizza, but I felt sick and icky from Eric's presence (he has herpes, that's why), so I just mooched Jackoff's gummy bears. I didn't feel like eating anything with substance.
Soon, our numbers began to dwindle, and we went outside. We...is me, Paula, Jack, Ethan, Joey, Sean, and Eric. Joey and Sean decided to run and jump off of things, and I explained to them that that was really a sport in France (or everywhere, I suppose. It's called parkour, which is fancy talk for running and jumping off of things, except you land in a sommersault). I ran up some walls (I was in the Matrix, yo), and told the dudes to jump off of stuff and land in a sommersault. For the first time, Eric actually acknowledged my beingness, and said, "Oh, dude, I should so jump off this and land in a sommersault." Pah. It was my idea first, bastid. I hope you break your neck.
We got bored with that and then Paula and I started giving the guys back massages. Nothing sexual, really, it's just fulfilling, kinda. Eric decided he would try and jump over us, so I flipped him off and got out of the way. He did something incredibly stupid and landed on his back. I laughed.
...Nothing much happened...Sean and Joey left, we discussed the Darwin Awards, glowsticks, radioactive penises (Eric weirdly indirectly acknowledging me again...), glowsticks as dildos, et cetera.
After much penis-talk, Eric said,
"Sorry, Nif. We're probably creeping you out..."
I stiffly (hah. penis. stiff.) said, ":koff: No, not really," and thought about adding "I just don't like you. go away," but I didn't.
Stuff-stuff-stuff, I left, went home, didn't take a shower, got a wakeup call from Loogie, who needed Ryan's and Sean's phone numbers for band practice (we got the coolest name: T.Y.P.O., which is secretly short for "turn your phone off."), and then got Paula on the other line and talked to her, then took the shower I so desperately needed, went to Sam's Club and bought a Final Fantasy game (I are no longer a square!), practiced the viola, played Final Fantasy, ate, played more Final Fantasy...
and now I'm here.
So goes the journey of me. Fwah! How dramatic.
(This is a big-ass post. I don't expect you to read it all. So if you just scrolled down to the end, don't feel bad. I see you. Stop crying, it's okay.)
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Pheelings: reflective
Quote of the day: \"I\'m sorry I was obnoxious to you, guy-with-a-guitar.\"

Well, what with my sexay boyfriend Matt, things have been looking up lately. I really had some doubts about going out with him at first because of my residual feelings for Eric, but you know what? We are very much in lurb. Lurb! It's who you do! Matt is very sweet. ^__^ He makes me happy. Our energy combines in a very positive way. Wow, that makes me sound...zen. I'm so not zen. I'm wannabe-zen.
I feel like I need to stop eating so much shit. I eat so much junk food...and even if it doesn't do much or I don't especially need to lose weight, I want to have the self-discipline to just eat healthy and exercize. Come over to my house and we'll do Punk Rock Aerobics together.
There is water in my ears.
Since I don't know anyone here and nobody here knows me, I think it would be safe to talk about this. I've got a couple friends who are thinking about running away together to New York or something. They just hate Centerville so much...it's really sad. I read on my friend's Xanga that someone she knew died...this probably has something to do with it. I really hope that this is one of those things that they just discuss for awhile and then forget about in a few days. Like the Pink Market (our get-rich-quick scheme that involved selling burnt CDs. Our motto: You fxck with us, we fxck with you. Man, we thought we were so cool. It was all official and everything.)...I can hope. I'll pray atheist prayers.
And one of them just dumped their semi-abusive boyfriend for the millionth time. All this happened yesterday. Yesterday, the both of them were happy-go-lucky and having fun spreading rumors that they were pregnant. Jesus christ. Look how wrong things can go.
Tomorrow, the orchestra is heading out to Marion's for lunch (Marion's is a local delicasy. Delicious pizza, made in the Dayton style: paper-thin crust, coated in toppings.) and then to my old elementary school for a concert. Why there, I don't know. The large majority of people who go to my school did not go to elementary school with me. Anyways, it'll be fun. We get to play a song with the fifth graders. Brings back memories.
I'm experiencing another local delicasy tomorrow. I'm going to Coffee Affair, a really nice locally owned coffee shop with hot dudes working there (their coffee is HIGHLY caffeinated and sugared. don't drink any too late), with Matt and some of my friends. It's crowded as fxck on Fridays, though. You can't find a place to put your stuff and I'm always worried that my viola (which I transport to and from school every day) will get stolen. The Friday crowd mostly consists of not-my-favorite-kind-of-people too. The kind that go to Graeter's (another local delicasy! Rich as hell ice cream. Damn good.) and bring their ice cream over to CA so they look cool. A bunch of my friends are gonna watch this one kid...Jon...yeah, Jon. He's going to play guitar. I really like annoying that kid. He's just too much fun. And his brother is very sexy. He pulls off the androgynous look very well.
I wonder if I'll be able to go to The Attic (christian owned all-ages club for local bands). Elroy and the Space Cadets are playing and they handed out flyers. Flyers make them special. I don't know who I'd go with, though, besides Matt. My parents fear the safety of my crotch. And they don't want to drive me there and back. Feh. Aviation Over Moscow is also playing...everyone's been talking about them. Apparently, everyone has the drummer's screenname. My friend said they sucked because they took forever to do a sound check or they had equipment failures or something. It's not exactly fair to judge them based on something like that.
I'd really like to go to The Attic...I went for the first time last month and I had a blast. 'Twas love at first sight. I just fell in love with the place as soon as I walked in. And when I fell down in the mosh pit, some really nice people helped me up before my face got trampled. Nice people. ^__^ They even asked if I was okay. I shall learn from their example.
I'd really like to dye my hair. I'd also really like this sexy halter top from Hot Topic. Yeah, I shop at Hot Topic. I know it's the coolest thing in the world nowadays.
Which brings me to this random observation: I'm hip to a lot of the kiddies' latest trends (purely coincidence, believe me.), but I hopped on the bandwagon right before everyone else decided to. I shopped at Hot Topic because I liked their clothes, not because I wanted to "go punk" or whatever (at least, if that was the initial reason, I'll never admit it. What counts is that that's not the reason today.). I got Chucks before everyone else. I got a skateboard before it was cool to skate (but I really can't skate, and I don't care). It's weird. But nobody has Chucks like I do. They've got a big checkerboard pattern of anarchy symbols. I like them very much. And I'm the only person who has the courage to wear rainbow shoelaces. I don't care if you think I'm a lesbian. I like rainbows.
I'm out, yo. Peace.
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Pheelings: indescribable
Quote of the day: \"Doesn\'t anyone ever go to school around here?\"

Welcome me with open arms. I have invaded this lovely blog site. The name made me chuckle.
I decided I needed a blog that nobody really knows about so I can post all my thoughts. I always end up telling people where they're at or they find it, and I constantly live in fear of me writing something mean about them, and then we explode.
Current Events:
-Competed in Ohio Music Educators' Association Solo and Ensemble Contest. Scored badly on my solo because of inconsistent tempo (I play the viola, which in no way resembles a violin. If you call it a violin, I will castrate you with a butter knife and safety scissors...but if you're a girl, I'll figure out something different. I'll think of something.), but our ensemble group did well, thanks to the Asians we added to our group (I like Asians. Please don't hurt me for being racist, because I'm really not. Being in an orchestra makes me want to make lots of Asian jokes. I'm sorry. It makes up for me not making Mexican jokes.) and Rocke conducting us...we're such posers.
-Went to Little Jackoff's SeXbox (that's code for Xbox, but there was some sex there. Kind of.) Extravaganza. Eric (my asshole ex. All you need to know about him: thinks with his dick, year younger than me, nonvirgin, cheated on me like a bitchtit.) pissed me off, and I decided to invite Matt (my latest in my revolving-door lineup of boyfriends...I haven't been single for more than two weeks in awhile) and we made out like there was no tomorrow and Eric put on his jealous voice (funniest thing in the world, when he's jealous.).
-Went to A Coffee Affair, a local coffee shop, several times.
-Watched some quality anime: Love Hina and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Well, that's how things have been going lately. How're you doing? Tell me about yourself. I'll stop by your blog later.
I wish my name was Mikey.

Oh, and by the way, happy 4-20. I'm a badass stoner. O__o
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Pheelings: nauseous
Quote of the day: \"Are you wearing your partici-pants?\"

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