Whoohoo! I'm a lazy bitchtit. Forgive me. Comment your heart out, Ethan.
Ahahaha, the selected mood is "sneezy".
After quite a stretch of being the boy I fell in love with, Andy has decided to be a bitch again. Matt broke up with me over Mindsay (which I didn't know about until a week later...HAH!) and appologized. I don't know if I'm repeating myself or not. Andy is a bitch. Hey, shut uh-up, hey, shut uh-up. The guy from The Bravery looks like mallguy. Yay! Stina and I are starting a band. We're actually musically inclined. I'm going to post ads at Coffee Affair and McCutcheon's for people with some talent (everyone we know sucks, except for Campbell, and Stina hates him.). Feh feh feh. Andy is a bitch. He's dating some other chick and I feel bad. Feh. I hope he doesn't read this. He probably won't, though. He don't know about it. Hahaha...remember that one time on Xanga, and we got into such a bitchfight about it? Kickass. I went to the mall today and Ben was there. I 'bout shit. I seduced him at Kings Island. XD It was revenge for them ditching us which was revenge for us ditching them. Kings Island was bitchin'-cool. I have purple bowling shoes, a tie-dye swimsuit, pretty panties, and Old Navy wifebeaters. My feet are shaped like flippers. Where is mallguy? He was sexy. I went into a crazy sex chat today. Then my mom came home. Goddammit. Colin is sexy, but I have no chance with him. I've given up. If I go to high school, maybe I'll meet a nice girl. Yes, please. I want to go to one of Serene's sex parties. Nny almost got some there. She and Jack split. Which is good, because he sucks. I blow. Andy, you're a star. XD
Okay, that being said...erm...that's about it. Alright, stop. Cramma time.
Cliff is our GPS in the car. I hate the bastard. See the title.
Holy shit, AIM virus! Goddammit, I hate those.
Would anyone like some string cheese? (2) say, ''Yes! Yes, I would.''

[end of "Cliff sucks."]
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Pheelings: spiteful
Quote of the day: \"What are you doing here?\" \"...shopping?\"

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anonymous - June 14th, 2005
uhh. ok? i WOULD comment my heart out just to spite ya but im too confused, every thing in there was just total rambling... CMON NIFF U KNOW MY BRAINS BASECLY JELLY ALREADY U DONT HAVE TO GO AROUND FLAUNTING YOUR "INTELEGENCE AND COMPLETELY DESTROY IT DO YA????


mocktrial - June 15th, 2005
'the fuck, Ethan. This was the most pointless comment ever. If you don't have something to say, don't say anything. Jesus christ!
Yes it was rambling. How the FUCK is that "flaunting my intelligence?" Consider that possibly, for once, that writing this wasn't for the benefit of everyone else, but for ME, seeing as this is MY journal.


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