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david Let's Encrypt Closed Beta Invite - Subscribe
I've been waiting over 2 years for my invite to Let's Encrypt. However just a few minutes ago I received my invite!

Help and Known Issues

You can get help with the client and Let's Encrypt at:

Known issues with the Python client can be tracked here:

Please search thoroughly for existing issues before filing a new report!

Renewals and Lifetimes

Certificates from Let's Encrypt are valid for 90 days. We recommend renewing them every 60 days to provide a nice margin of error. As a beta participant, you should be prepared to manually renew your certificates at that time. As we get closer to General Availability, we hope to have automatic renewal tested and working on more platforms, but for now, please play it safe and keep track.

Helpful Information

Let's Encrypt maintainence events are posted on and Twitter (@letsencrypt_ops). If you need help, both the Let's Encrypt community at and #letsencrypt on are excellent sources of assistance.

If there are updates for Beta program participants, they will be posted at the community site at:


On behalf of everyone involved in Let's Encrypt, welcome to the future of the encrypted web.

Note: Please do not respond to this email. This is a one-time notification about your acceptance into the Beta Program. You will not receive further emails about our Beta Program unless you send in another application.
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david php5 (5.4.45-0+deb7u2) wheezy-security; urgency=medium Nov 15th, 2015 6:51:46 pm - Subscribe
As if you didn't know by now... (Raspberry Pi Notice)

* PHP 5.4 has reached end-of-life on 14 Sep 2015 and as a result there
will be no more new upstream releases. The security support of PHP
5.4 in Debian will be best effort only and you are strongly advised
to upgrade to latest stable Debian release that includes PHP 5.6 that
will reach end of security support on 28 Aug 2017.

-- Ondřej Surý Sun, 04 Oct 2015 17:05:37 +0200
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david Linux Bash - Command Editing Shortcuts Nov 15th, 2015 3:04:10 pm - Subscribe
Here are some linux bash shortcut commands that I plan on getting use to using daily. Some I already use every now and again, others I do not. This is a nice reference sheet for myself.

  • Ctrl + a – go to the start of the command line
  • Ctrl + e – go to the end of the command line
  • Ctrl + k – delete from cursor to the end of the command line
  • Ctrl + u – delete from cursor to the start of the command line
  • Ctrl + w – delete from cursor to start of word (i.e. delete backwards one word)
  • Ctrl + y – paste word or text that was cut using one of the deletion shortcuts (such as the one above) after the cursor
  • Ctrl + xx – move between start of command line and current cursor position (and back again)
  • Alt + b – move backward one word (or go to start of word the cursor is currently on)
  • Alt + f – move forward one word (or go to end of word the cursor is currently on)
  • Alt + d – delete to end of word starting at cursor (whole word if cursor is at the beginning of word)
  • Alt + c – capitalize to end of word starting at cursor (whole word if cursor is at the beginning of word)
  • Alt + u – make uppercase from cursor to end of word
  • Alt + l – make lowercase from cursor to end of word
  • Alt + t – swap current word with previous
  • Ctrl + f – move forward one character
  • Ctrl + b – move backward one character
  • Ctrl + d – delete character under the cursor
  • Ctrl + h – delete character before the cursor
  • Ctrl + t – swap character under cursor with the previous one

    Bash Shortcuts For Maximum Productivity
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    david My Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail Nov 15th, 2015 1:31:50 pm - Subscribe
    This is a reference for myself, these are the most used Gmail shortcuts that I use on a daily bases.

    Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail
  • Keyboard key: c | Compose | Allows you to compose a new message. Shift + c allows you to compose a message in a new window.
  • Keyboard key: / | Search | Puts your cursor in the search box.
  • Keyboard key: k | Move to newer conversation | Opens or moves your cursor to a more recent conversation. You can hit Enter to expand a conversation.
  • Keyboard key: j | Move to older conversation | Opens or moves your cursor to the next oldest conversation. You can hit Enter to expand a conversation.
  • Keyboard key: n | Newer message | In 'Conversation view', moves your cursor to the newer message. You can hit Enter to expand or collapse a message.
  • Keyboard key: # | Delete | Moves the conversation to Trash.
  • Keyboard key: z | Undo | Reverses your previous action, if possible (works for actions with an 'undo' link)

    Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail
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    david How to Unblock your Website from Facebook & Instagram Nov 9th, 2015 10:08:33 pm - Subscribe
    Has your website been blocked from Facebook or Instagram? Are you interested in getting your domain off the block list? Follow the instructions below.

    Good evening guys, I got a contact form request from that asked the social networking question:

    "Hey David, not sure if you can help me but my website has been blocked from Facebook and Instagram. I am pretty sure it's because of a virus/malware noticed that I received from Google Diagnostics regarding my site. Well anyways I wanted to know if you had any information on how I could remove my website from the block list on Facebook and Instagram, any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated."

    Facebook Blocked Website

    Hey there, yes you can unblock your website from Facebook however I am not sure about Instagram, but since Instagram is owned by Facebook I am pretty sure the 2 networks will communicate with each other. Once the virus/malware is removed head over to Facebook's Website or Content Blocked page. I have provided a link below. Filling out this form will notify Facebook and will begin the unblock process of your website. The form is fairly short, however I would be prepared to wait 7 to 10 business days to be delisted as a nefarious site.

    Facebook or Website Content Blocked:
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