omg, the story!
Date: Oct 23rd, 2005 9:06:47 am - Subscribe

O.k, you remember a couple entries ago when I said I have to edit a story for a friend? omgwtfbbq, it's a piece of crap! -lmao- omg,my housemates and I were freaking rolling as I was reading it. it's just uneditable. it's kindling. I'm telling you, it's SO Bad. it's just porn. erotica with an attempted plot! -rofl-omg, it sucked so bad.

o.k, bye!
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smile like you mean it
Date: Oct 23rd, 2005 9:04:35 am - Subscribe
Mood: apathetic

So, my housemates, yet again, didn't do what they said they were going to take care of (laundry) so I have to do it, since my employers like it when we come in wearing clean clothing.

meh, all is redeemed. one of my housemates set up a fire in the fireplace, so at least I'm all toasty. granted, it's popping alot and scaring the crap out of me.

speaking of "crap", I'm trying to stop cursing. it just makes me sound ignorant.

that's my fear in life; being stupid and other people knowing.

I have a weird "condition". I lie for no reason. it just happens. I don't even know I'm doing it, sometimes. it gets me into alot of trouble, but I don't do it on purpose. Well, not all the time. sometimes I plot it out. make sure that I say the right thing. meh. the funny thing is, everyone reading this won't know if anything I say again is a lie or the truth. -chuckle-. it doesn't matter to me. I've finally found the one blogsopt that none of the people in my real life know about, so I can be as honest as I want to be here. which is amazingly freeing.

my fiance brought home (phonetic spelling ahead) sho-pow from chinatown last night. omgwtfbbq, 'tis so freaking good. 'tis a little bun filled with pork and stuff. it's wicked yummy. I like the steamed ones 100xmore than the baked ones, but they're all good.

o.k, here's a housemate and my fiance have the same type of coat. my fiance wore my housemates coat for a couple days now. Now,my housemate said there was 60 bucks in the pocket, that's now gone.My fiance gives my housmate said 60 bucks, but says it wasn't in the pocket and to "just giveme back the 60 bucks when you find it"......we're short on money to begin with, so if that 60 bucks wasn't from the pocket, I'm gonna be mad. like, really mad.

o.k, cocoa krispies are called for.
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ganked from Alone
Date: Oct 23rd, 2005 8:52:42 am - Subscribe
Mood: ok

Take this quiz, post the results, and see how much things have changed since then.

4 years ago...

How old were you?

What grade were you in?
1st year of college

Where did you go to school?
Antioch College

Where did you live?

How was your hair style?
down, or a half/bun ponytail/pigtails

Did you wear braces?

Did you wear contacts?

Did you wear glasses?
Yup, since 2nd grade.

Who was your best friend?
Stephanie. She still is. ^_^

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?
I didn't have one, but I was enamored by Kristin and Brad and Elisha. lol

Who was your celebrity crush?
Conan O'Brien. lmao

Who was your regular-person crush?
Brad, until I found out he was a jerk; then it was Matt. we had gone to elementary school together, and met up in college kind of coincidentally. he was emo and cute. until I found out he was WAY too into porn.

Were you a virgin?

How many piercings did you have?

How many tattoos did you have?

What was your biggest fear?
emily. she was one of the dormgirls who alway had to point out your faults.

Had you smoked a cigarette yet?

Had you gotten drunk or high yet?

Had you driven yet?

If so what car(s) did you use?

Which of your pets were still alive?
5 cats. shadow, tyger,friskie, jinx, and scruffy.

Which members of your family were still alive?
All of them

Which members of your family were not born yet?

Did you know the person who posted this right before you?
Not personally, but I read their blog.


Wow, that was kind of interesting, but it made me think about 5 years, 7 years, and 10 years ago...I'm still young and really can't say "I'm starting to feel my age", but...well...when I talk to people younger than me,I do feel it. People who say "Karma Chameleon?" or "who's NKOTB?" It makes me feel old and totally out of the loop. Bah, I'm a freak, no matter what decade you put me in. lol
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Date: Oct 22nd, 2005 6:35:58 pm - Subscribe
Mood: meh

today has been so freaking boring. there's been nothing to do.

my boyfriend (o.k, I should stop saying that. he's my fiance, but...well, it's hard to get rid of titles) and I went to Friendly's for breakfast (mmm rawr) and did some grocery shopping.

after that: nothing.

I ate. guh, I'm sickening.

I played DDR for a while (not too many calories burned, but it was fun) and played Karaoke Revolution for a few rounds.

Now, I'm watching "the day the earth stayed stil" because my two housemates went to have dinner with family, and my fiance is visiting a dying family friend.

so, 'tis just me,my fiance's dog, and my cat.

I need a life.
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Who am I?
Date: Oct 22nd, 2005 7:27:22 am - Subscribe
Mood: fat

I have a name, but I hate it. it's all spelled wrong (according to society). I hate myself. I'm built all wrong. I'm a walking mistake.

But then, there are times when I can make a whole room laugh.

And sometimes; if I say the right thing at the right time, he throws his head back and laughs a whole-hearted laugh.

it is in that moment that I am justified. My existence means something to someone.

I care not if I am "loved". everyone loves us, even just once. but to have your existence "enjoyed". to have someone happy that you're standing there at that exact moment in time. now THAT's something.

I do not cry nearly as much as I'd like to. YOu see, I'm an incredibly emotional person.My boyfriend says I need tougher skin. I think he needs to respect my sensitivity to "demands". capice?

It's raining. I love when it rains. I feel like the world is crying so I don't have to. see, I told you I'm emotional.

the space bar on my laptop is an asshole.

I have to edit a short story a co-worker wrote. I don't HAVE to, but I offered. he's cute; what could it hurt? -snicker-
he went on vacation to san diego. lucky mofo. My vacation was on my birthday. my parents visited. the clutch in their car broke on the way. I got no present, but they got a new clutch. that's the way my birthdays go. YOu know, I've never recieved an expensive gift in my life from them? it's not me being greedy. I work; I know the value of a dollar. I'm merely stating that I have issues. reiterating, would be a better word for it.

I hate the heat.I do. there's no room for it. fat girls don't need to sweat. 'tis true.

he ignored me, mostly, yesterday. only talked through email; and it was only one. goddamned bastard. I wan't angry as much as I was like "wtf. yesterday we talked a ton through email, and today nothing?" y'know? 'twas just a dissapointment.

going to friendly's for breakfast this morning. I love full breakfasts. granted, I always feel the need to purge afterwards, but hell, I put up with my other emotions, I'll add some guilt on there, too.

Actually, I don't deal with them.My boyfriend hates them. he thinks I look too deeply into them. he hates when I get angry, because I don't deny the feeling. he can be a bastard, at times.

I still can't get over him cheating. it's been over a year since it happened, and yet I still can't move past it. why is that?

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